REVIEW: The Seventh Unicorn by Kelly Jones

Dear Ms. Kelly,

The Seventh UnicronAs an art lover, I have to tell you that your book is a delight. A delight with some problems as a true romance book but perhaps you intended it to be more of fiction with a romance element. I like the way you parallel your idea of the creation of the famous Cluny Unicorn Tapestries with the modern day hunt to find a possible lost seventh one.

A major niggle for me is that you do a lot of telling in places instead of showing. And I did get impatient with the love story. I like a reunited lovers story but this one is too drawn out. Right til the end of the book. And both Jake and Alex have their moments of childishness and misunderstandings. You also tip your hand a little early and I had a pretty good idea how the ultimate fate of the seventh tapestry would play out.

But I also like how there are ups and downs in the story. Frustrations as well as triumphs as Alex and Jake head down the road towards the final destination. It’s fun to watch Alex struggle with herself as her morality goads her into doing the right thing for the nuns who might have the last tapestry, even if it could come at the expense of her museum acquiring the tapestry. And her daughter Soleil is a delight. A real six year old girl who neither lisps nor acts 10 years over her true age. The art history is handled well and is neither too much nor too little. The French atmosphere is enough to set the place without seeming too forced although your odd insertion of some French phrases was awkward.

But considering that this really isn’t a true romance book, I liked it and would recommend it but with that in mind. One note is that I found it shelved under fiction instead of in the romance section of my Waldenbooks.