REVIEW: Will Sony’s E-Ink device transform the ebook vista?

Dear Big NY Publishers:

I am a big fan of the ebook. I started reading them about 5 years ago on my laptop. One of the things that I find frustrating as an ebook reader is the lack of ebooks being released from mainstream publishers. How hard is it, really, to transform that manuscript that they have in word into an ebook? Not very hard. Yet, very few mainstream books are being released in ebook format. There seems to be no rhyme or reason. For example, Eloisa Jame’s backlist with Harper Collins was recently released in ebook format but not her latest. Signet/Pocket releases their few ebooks about 3 weeks after the paper version. I can’t find any Time/Warner releases in ebook format. Don’t publishers want me to buy their books?

At any time, Sony is going to release its E-Ink device. According to, Sony’s ebook device is going to be available in Borders store. HarperCollins and RandomHouse have pleged to digitize their entire front list and backlist. I may buy a Sony E-Ink device just to spur the release of more ebooks. Please, big NY Publishers, start releasing all your books in digital format (and not Adobe PDF) at the same time you release the paper version. You might get more sales. Imagine!

Best Regards,


By Jane Litte

0 comments on “REVIEW: Will Sony’s E-Ink device transform the ebook vista?

  1. Oh great. Another *&^%$#@ proprietary ebook format. If it’s like adobe, I’ll scream. If it’s easily converted like .lit, I still won’t be jumping for joy but it’s doable. If it won’t read HTML, I have serious doubts.


  2. I’m concerned about the proprietary formats and the fact that it doesn’t have a back light. So there will be no reading in the dark. What I hope is that this version will do so well that they come out with another version that has the back light. Can you tell I read in bed? *g*

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