REVIEW: A Gentleman by Any Other Name by Kasey Michaels

Dear Ms Michaels,

michaels.jpgI should have trusted my first instincts about this book. Instead, I let myself be lured by one good review into spending $7 on it. Bad move on my part. I think I will be skipping all the subsequent books in your series about 7 orphans who are adopted by an eccentric and wealthy Englishman. The names of some of them alone are enough to put me off: Morgan (girl), Courtland (boy) and Rian (boy. What? Is Ryan too pedestrian for you?) and of course the hero of this book, Chance. At least there isn’t a Damien, Demon, or Devil. So far…

Anyway, the heroine of this book is like Mary Poppins. A bad, nosey, irritating Mary Poppins. At least MP gave her charges a spoonful of sugar as she bossed them around and poured noxious medicine down their throats.

The hero could have been an interesting character (even though he is working for the War Office) but I can’t stomach your book past chapter 5 to find out any more about him. Once you moved the action to Romney Marsh and brought out even more Characters (with names like Jocko), I tossed in the towel.

Perhaps some will argue that I didn’t give you enough time, but 83 pages of this was more than enough. My head was reeling and my brain about ready to explode.

I’ve enjoyed some of your books in the past but you are definitely a hit or miss author for me. And this one missed by a long mile.