REVIEW: Shadows of Myth/Shadows of Prophecy by Rachel Lee

Dear Ms. Lee:

You certainly are versatile. From writing category westerns to thrillers to fantasy novels. I picked up Shadows of Myth from the library and purchased the Shadows of Prophecy ebook. It was nice to read the two of them in a row.

Your stories, while eminently readable, are in part a retelling of the Jacob and Esau story with Troy and LOTR influences. Had you kept with the Jacob and Esau story, your series would have been much fresher and original. Instead, it felt a rehash of popular fantasy themes and if a fantasy luddite like myself is feeling that these books are retreads I can’t imagine what experienced fantasy readers must think.

If a reader can get past what seems like obvious copying (or heavy influencing, take your pick), it is an engaging series. Annuvil and Ardred were immortals who loved the same woman, an Ilduin. The Ilduin are women with great power led by 12 sisters. The oldest sister, Theriel, was coveted by Ardred, but of course, she loved Annuvil. Ardred and Annuvil warred over Theriel. Many generations have passed but the war between Annuvil and Ardred is reignited.

Shadows of Myth opens with an amnesiac woman lying amongst a slaughtered caravan of people. It then quickly switches to a small village named Whitewater. Within a few pages, the two storylines converge with a wanderer named Archer and his two men: Ratha and Giri finding the amnesiac and taking her to Whitewater. An unnatural winter sets upon Whitewater and the whole area and Archer, Ratha, Giri, Tess, Sara and Tom (from Whitewater), leave to travel to another city to bring help back to Whitewater. Thus begins the journey of these travelers to seek out the evil in the land.

There is an obvious and sweet love story between Sara and Tom and a destiny between Archer and Tess but these books are not romances. You do suspense quite well and the battle scenes are well drawn but there is always this ring of “I've read this before” that gets in the way of the story. While I’ll read the third book in the trilogy, I won’t be buying it. It’s a library only copy. C

Best regards,


P.S. You really lucked out in the cover department. Shadows of Myth is gorgeous and actually relates to the story.

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