REVIEW: And the Winner Is . . .


Dear Gentle Reader:

Jane was voted the winner (or loser) by a whopping 74%. Jane thinks it is due to some ballot stuffing by Jay. Kristie(J) was nice enough to share with us her experience of cluelessness. Let’s recap:

Well, I voted for Jane because I've done the same thing – sort of. Once I stayed up reading so late when I got up the next morning I was so tired I sprayed hair spray under my arms and deorderant on my hair. And I've done the shoe thing too. Luckily I wear runners to work and have my good shoes under my desk. It was after about an hour I noticed the different gait but since both pair were there, I could easily fix it.

Kristie(J), please send us an email with your snail mail address so we can send out Maggie Davis’ Hustle, Sweet Love. Congratulations and thanks for voting.

Best regards,

The Two Ja(y)nes

By Jane Litte

0 comments on “REVIEW: And the Winner Is . . .

  1. Doesn’t anyone follow the links! Shoot. I should have put up a picture next to the poll. Live and learn. And pointy shoes are not that uncomfortable. Really.

  2. I once wore one blue shoe and one black shoe to work. In the morning darkness, grabbed the mismatched set as I was hurring out the door. Didn’t discover the problem until I hit full light in the ofice. Didn’t have any spares stashed under the desk to change into, so I spent the day hiding in my office, glad not to have any client meetings. My excuse for the mix up was that I had blue and black shoes in identical styles, but really it was my own fault for staying out too late and hitting the snooze button on the alarm too many times.

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