stack o' booksCece started this all when she asked readers and writers opinions on self promotion. Maili blogged about the lack of online buzz for epubbed authors. It is a fair statement that there are few readers blogs who post about ebooks. Nicole’s is one. Sybil’s is one. Not many others. So Jayne and Jane want to hear from readers and authors. This contest asks for your best epubbed recommendations. If you a reader, spend all the space you need to tell us why we should read the book. Authors, you write for a living. Give us your best three to four sentence sale. You can include links to excerpts, your website, etc. At the end of the week, Jayne and Jane will each pick two books to buy, read, and review. We’ll run this contest each month until August and hope that we can generate some great online buzz for authors who aren’t getting the readership they should. So bring on the recommendations.

By Jane Litte


  1. Okay, I’ll bite. As a reader, since I’m yet-to-be published.

    I actually haven’t read all that many ebooks, but I was delighted by Raine Weaver’s Let’s Pretend. Sharp writing, hot hero, and funny. (Yes, humor is subjective, but it made me laugh.)

    I feel I must own up: Raine is a friend of mine and is pubbed at my publisher. So take that as you will. But I wouldn’t rec it here if I hadn’t really enjoyed it. The hero is a tad ovebearing, but he’s so funny I just went with it. (Not that there aren’t a lot of overbearing heroes in romancelandÒ€”I just usually don’t go for them.) And the plot doesn’t run out before the book is over. The last quarter was a page turner.

    I’ve been enjoying your reviews a lot πŸ™‚

  2. As a reader I say check out Along For The Ride by Saskia Walker. (It’s a Loose Id eBook) or The Gripping Beast by Charlene Teglia. Both ARE also friends, but if you take the chance to read them, you won’t be dispointed. I KNOW it. LOL

    As a writer… I’d love to have you check out GYPSY HEART, ( ) It was my very first novel, my very first romance, (and it is erotic). It was published by LSB last year and got some great reviews, and is being re-released By Samhain next week! The story is, was and always will be special to I’d love for more people to find out about it. πŸ˜€

  3. Like Sasha, I’ll make two recs – as a reader who is always looking for books with depth of character and story as well as great romance and okay, hot secks, I want to recommend Anya Bast’s, Water Crystal ( from Ellora’s Cave.

    As a writer, let me pimp my own recent release, Cascadia Wolves: Enforcer. It’s got humor, a strong heroine, a hero who isn’t a tool and hot secks. (



  4. As a reader, I recommend Shelby Reed’s The Fifth Favor. I just loved this story. It’s one of my all-time favorite romances. Shelby writes emotion like no one else I’ve ever read, and I fell in love with the hero.

    As I writer, I hope you’ll consider Wish List. It’s a short contemporary romance about second chances and following your heart. It’s one of my favorites. πŸ™‚

  5. Not because she’s a best bud and one of my 15 CPs, but I can recommend Alexis Fleming’s erotic romp, A Handyman’s Best Tool (, with no reservations. I admire Aussie humor, which is similar to that of the Brits, and I love the energy that fuels her writing and the situation in which she places her characters. It’s just damned funny to me. [My hyperlinks aren’t showing up, so I’ll just list the websites if that’s okay.]

    The writer in me would like to see Star Struck ( Struck&return_page=&user-id=&password=&exchange=&exact_match=exact/) get more exposure, since astrology, erotica, and sexual healing blend well in this anthology. I thought it was great, but the publisher didn’t see that it got reviewed well. Thing is, it only got top reviews.

    After reading Maili’s blog and yours, I went back through my own blog, and on recent posts I found that on the 1st page I’d placed 9 book covers, all e-books, which tickled me. Maybe I’m just new enough to the e-pub world that I don’t think of being Politically Correct, but I treat e-books as I would any other. I talk about the ones I like. I’ve had book covers for Philip K. Dick and a few others, but the ones I seem to tout most are e-books. Maybe, too, that’s just because that’s what I’m published in right now. But your blog made me think, and I like that a lot Ò€“ lol. Thanks.

    Bookmarking you so I can find my way back. *g*

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  7. Hey, I will be leaving a comment here, I just need to decide on the right book.\

    Oh screw that. I say you need to brave Triskelion’s nasty-ass website and get Pack Challenge by Shelly Laurenston.

  8. Pack Challenge is no longer available at Triskelion. It’s been acquired by Samhain and is being revised and expanded *grin*. But Shelly does have a book releasing from us on May 16th that’s pretty awesome, if I do say so. The Distressing Damsel.

  9. but wait! I suck mightily at blurbs. SUCCCKKKKKKK at them.

    Here’s my plea. The last sentence contains the emotion.:

    “I want you guys to read my ebooks. Please. My first one (Perfection) did well. Mrs. Giggles liked the second one (Futurelove) but no one else seemed enthusiastic about it. Those are at EC Now I have a third one at Samhain (Learning Charity — and I wrote the blurb so I fret about its success). Please read my novellas. If you hate them I’ll still love you and won’t say bad things about you, not even privately to my dog.”

    Do you want me to send copies?
    xxoo Summer Devon.

  10. and since I’m still pushing them all over the place:
    I think you should read these two ebook authors: Bonnie Dee and A M Riley. (I don’t know them so I don’t get a kickback.)

  11. I recommend that you try The Montgomery Family Series by JJ Massa, starting with Acting like a Family. She writes beautifully and her fabulous werewolves are the type you can not put down until you are good and finished. Her books can be found at Venus Press –

    Or Little Red by Emma Sinclair, a spectacularly fun and well written twisted version of the childrens fairy tale and is over at Whiskey Creek Press Torrid –

    In my opinion we all get stuck in a reading rut, looking at the same stuff, but it is Spring, the perfect time to shake out the dust bunnies and remember the fun of ebooks is how easy it is to find and try new authors, new publishing houses.

    Fabulous contet ladies, and thanks for the buzz – us newbies need all that we can find πŸ™‚

    Tilly Greene

  12. If you like time travel and gritty, historical novels about the Crusades and the middle ages, you’ll love Angels on Crusade from Cerridwen press. Isobel, a prisoner, has to go back in time to the twelvth century to save the crown of France, all the while knowing she’ll never see her own time again.
    I’m the author, but it’s under my pen name, Samantha Winston!

  13. My favorite ebooks that come to mind are all erotic romance stories. I loved the Men of August series by Lora Leigh. The first book, Marly’s Choice was my favorite. Hot alpha male in that one. I’d also recommend Natural Law by Joey W. Hill. It’s a BDSM story that is very intense. Another story she wrote is If Wishes Were Horses. This one is a paranormal suspense story and also a page turner. Sarah McCarty’s Promise series and also her book Mac’s Law are stories I would not hesitate to recommend. Oh, and ditto on The Fifth Favor that Sylvia mentioned. That’s in my keeper collection.

  14. As a reader, I highly recommend Forever Again by Shannon Stacy (Samhain). It’s a wonderful story and I don’t think nearly enough people have read it.

    As a writer, I’d recommend all my books *g* but I think The Gripping Beast (Samhain) is something special. Time travel, true love, Norse gods, hot sex and rock and roll. I’d be happy to provide a review copy. (And thank you, Sasha!)

  15. I’m going to go out on a limb here and recommend (as a reader) something from someone I don’t even know–Shelby Reed’s Seraphim from EC. As a writer, well, I just changed publishers, so I don’t have so very much available, but I’ve gotten great reviews for my first release, Mayan Nights, available now at Samhain as a rerelease. I think I’ve changed a bit as a writer since penning that, but I still think the story is fun–a brooding Mayan archaeologist searching for the mythical tomb of a Jaguar King and his longing for his smart-ass assistant. It’s nice you’re doing this!

  16. Thank you, Charlene! *blushing*

    As a reader, I’d love to recommend Hot Rod Heaven by Melani Blazer (EC). Hot cars, hotter sex, and an incredible depth of emotion all in one book This is a book that would be a keeper for me whether the author is a friend on mine or not (she is). It’s a haunting story, and one I’ve reread several times.

    As a writer, I have an erotic romance offering and a more traditional romance. If you’re in the mood for hot sex and lots of laughs, I hope you’ll consider Twice Upon A Roadtrip (EC). Or, if you’re in the mood for an emotional story of a second chance at love, you might like Forever Again (Samhain). I have excerpts, reviews and behind the scenes pages on my website:

  17. Like Jorrie, my book is in the soon-to-be-published category. However, I’m happy to second some of the recommendations that have been made:

    The Fifth Favor
    Wish List

    These are all excellent books. (I would also recommend Pack Challenge, but it’s apparently not available at the moment.)

  18. As a reader, there are a couple of books I could not recommend highly enough; those are Shelby Reed’s Midnight Rose and Sarah McCarty’s Promises Prevail, both at EC. These two authors write emotion like no others I’ve read. The characterizations are rich and deep. The stories are believable (even the paranormal Midnight Rose) and heartfelt. The true test is that after reading just one book from either of these authors, they become an auto-buy. I cannot believe that a major NY house has not snapped up these two.

    I also like many of the books that are mentioned in the other comments πŸ™‚

  19. As an author, I’m not recommending any of my books since you’ve been kind enough to review a few of mine already, thank you again! But I would like to second a few already mentioned here.

    Melani Blazer’s Hot Rod Heaven or When I Close My Eyes, Shannon Stacey’s Forever Again or Twice Upon a Roadtrip, and anything by Shelby Reed. All three are incredibly talented writers.

  20. Thanks Shan! That’s Shannon Stacey, and her book, Forever Again (Samhain Publishing) is a great read–very emotional and I have recommended it to several people, and they’ve all enjoyed it as much as I have.

    It’s been out for a bit and now also available in paperback, but still avilable in ebook, is Sweet Gum Tree by Katherine Allred. (Cerridwen Press)

    And speaking of Cerridwen Press, if you’re into chick-lit, my story, Brand Name Dates (Melani Blazer) is also available. πŸ™‚

  21. This is going to start sounding like a circle of friends, lol, but that’s not really what it’s about.

    If I had to recommend an e-book as a reader, it would have to be Once In A Blue Moon by Celia Stuart. A close friend, yes she is, but a kick-ass writer. Trust me. Not only does this book have one of the steamiest covers EVER, but it’s a helluva story. It’s hot, quirky, and touches on subjects usually avoided in traditional ‘romance’–and I’d say it’s bloody well about time somebody did. (I don’t know how to do the link–ack!!–but info can be found here…)

    As for my own writing…well geez, like, which of your children do you like best?!
    But I do have a special fondness for Incubus, my first, and for Let’s Pretend, my latest. (See posts above, lol!). Possibly because the heroes are SO less than perfect, but so damned yummy anyway!

  22. I’m here because I always do what the dork, I mean Cece, tells me to, well, mostly always. This is really hard – just two? About 80% of the books I read, both print and ebook, are by friends, so you’ll just have to take that in to account. My problem is that 3 of my favorite ebook writers have already come by – so who do I offend and leave out? I’ve loved them all. BTW, I recommend both ebook and print on my blog. Anyway, have to go with Dancehall Diaries: Lynette by Celia Stuart (she’s close enough to hit me if I don’t recommend something of hers) Liquid Silver Books and no, I don’t have the web address. It’s a great love story, full of humor and characters that I not only can I relate to, but like. In so many erotic books I find it hard to relate to the characters. Okay, Her Sanctuary by Toni Anderson, Triskelion. Gripping suspense, great pace, excellent voice. Gotta go now and cover my ass with the ones I didn’t pick – I am in so much trouble.

  23. As a reader, I highly suggest Ann Wesley Hardin, Daisy Dexter Dobbs and anyone from the Samhain Family. And I’d also reccomend all my cp’s from the Belfry Collective.

    As a writer who is new to all of this, I thank those of you who are jumping out on a limb for the e-pubs. My debute comes out May 23rd via Samhain.You can find out more via my website

  24. My suggestions are as follows:

    Promises Prevail – Sarah McCarty (EC)
    The Fifth Favour – Shelby Reed (EC)
    The Sweet Gum Tree – Katherine Allred (

    All of the above books are amongst my faves, and I can’t reccommend them enough.

  25. Just to clear up any misunderstandings, everyone is free to recommend as many titles and authors as you’d like. Jane and I will be the ones limited to picking two each to read and review (and from the looks of the recs I’ve seen so far, I can tell you I’ll probably be reading more than just 2!)

    Keep the suggestions coming!


  26. Thank God – this doghouse was getting a little cramped and Raine has disavowed any knowledge of me.

    Howl by Jet Mykles, Jeigh Lynn and (the wonderful, beautiful)Raine Weaver, Loose Id.

    Her Passion by Denise Belinda McDonald, Samhain

    Gypsy Heart by Sasha White, Liquid Silver Books

  27. >>she’s close enough to hit me if I don’t recommend something of hers

    Eve I’d NEVER hit you for not recommending my books. My point in er pointing you this way was because you’re an avid reader. =)

  28. I just want to make it perfectly clear that absolutely no arm-twisting was involved in my choices. I was just trying to get out of the doghouse with those authors I know who I didn’t pick – but that’s good now. All’s happy here.

  29. I was trying to think of some ebooks outside the romance genre to recommend, so you’d get some variety, but I haven’t read many lately. The most non-romance I can think of is Brand Name Dates by Melani Blazer, it’s chick lit.

    When are you asking for recommendations again? Because there’s a women’s fiction book I’ll recommend, but it doesn’t release until the end of the month.

    My ebook reading has been mostly limited to work, recently, sad to say. Reading a papberback is a break for my eyes πŸ™‚

  30. I’d like to recommend the Sundown Inc. series by Cat Marsters

    I currently have a release, Repo Chick Blues, at Liquid Silver Books. Um, one sentence? How about this: “Ex-car thief and broke construction worker, Leah Ryan, has teamed up with repossession king and ex-defense lawyer, Callahan Parker, to chase twisted drug lord, Brent Woodard.” That comes from Just Erotic Romance Reviews πŸ™‚ You can read more about it at my webpage

    Celia Stuart rocks! Read anything by her!

  31. Okay, a few here – Anya Bast’s Water Crystal. Futurstic from EC, really wonderful and extensive worldbuilding and it doesn’t get nearly the attention it deserves. It’s a great book.

    Megan Hart’s Playing the Game from Amber Quill- loved it. Love Jack and Josie. Fun and interesting world, very sexy and clever.

    Okay and a shameless plug, my own Enforcer from Ellora’s Cave – smart heroine, alpha hero who isn’t a bossy jerk. Funny dialog, hot secks. Oh and the werewolf mafia too.

  32. Good evenng, I just thought I’d post a comment here:

    As a reader, I’ve enjoyed several of Ciar Cullen’s novels and many others that are ebooks.

    As a writer, I’ve got a book out “Statue of Zeus Through Time” that can be found at eXtasy Books or at

    Statue of Zeus is a time traveling futuristic novella showing just what two determined lovers can accomplished when they’ve been separated by a particularly nasty villain. To learn more check out the excerpt I have posted on my website: B.L. Foxxe it also has links to eXtasy Books and other sites where I will be published in the future, like Venus Press and Samhain πŸ™‚

  33. Crossing the Line by Stephanie Vaughan. It’s from LooseId, I think. Gay romance. Does that matter? I liked it a great deal, although I do think that it could stand maybe another 50 pages of building the backstory, etc.

    Baen books has free ebooks for download at their website, if you are interested in science fiction.

  34. Angie, we’ll be closing this month’s nominations on Friday and reading the first selections during May. Then starting up again with new nominations the last week of May to read in June. If all goes well, we plan on doing this through August. Or maybe longer, who knows? πŸ˜‰

  35. I will opt for blatant self-promotion of my works and throw into the ring my novels from Phaze, Truth or Dare and Dare Me, the first two books of the Dareville series.

    Dareville is more than a place…it’s a sensual state of mind, proof that great passion can be found in the smallest of towns. Dareville isn’t based on any town or place in particular, but it is a place I often come to where I need inspiration. You could also say it’s place people visit when they want to come often.

    Four books are planned, two are published, the third is on the way. Enjoy your stay and don’t worry about the speed limits.

  36. I’m a 1st time, unknown BUT very talented e-pubbed writer. I am not part of any of the e-pub ‘gangs’, or yahoo promo groups or websites where members give each other literary high fives for the great reviews they get from their best friends/colleagues. My book is “Lipstick and Other Stories”, and I have gotten good reviews from people I don’t even know!!

    “…Caesar’s lyrical prose adds heat to her stories, making this a sensually fulfilling read that offers a mixed bag of topics. There’s much talent in her voice, and readers should be on the lookout for her future work…” Romantic Times

    “…Petula Caesar has written a book that can serve as an example for how to write an erotic anthology…” Euro Reviews

    “…Sex permeates all the stories, with a gentle, almost romantic feel to the encounters. Emotions run high in all of them, and this makes the stories all that more touching. Ms. Caeser certainly touched mine while I was reading this book.” Just Erotic Romance Reviews

    “…I thoroughly enjoyed each (story) and didn’t want to see them end. All in all LIPSTICK AND OTHER STORIES will appeal to erotica lovers everywhere…” R.A.W. Sistaz Reviewers

    “…Lipstick and Other Stories is a collection of erotic short stories that will delight and excite…Caesar will capture your attention with her unique writing style…this is a fantastic and incredibly sexy read and a must have book for all erotic romance fans.” Sensual Reads And Reviews

    Those are only a few, and I swear I know NONE OF THESE PEOPLE!! PLEASE PICK ME!

  37. I wouldn’t be much of an author if I didn’t like my own books…so I’d recommend any of the three I have published. Like the wilderness? Read RIBBON OF RAIN. How about one thousand pound thoroughbreds? Read DEAD HEAT. If a bit of paranormal and a visit to post-war Vietnam is for you, then try MISSING IN ACTION.

    As a reader, I agree with the majority here – Any book by Shelby Reed is a great read.

  38. As a reader, I recommend Kara Griffin’s far-out futuristics, Cosmic Hearts and Cosmic Chemistry. Kara is a wacky gal and will have you rolling in no time.

    As a writer, hmmm…this is the hard part. For historical lovers, A Most Dangerous Affair is one you shouldn’t miss. If contemporary is more your thing, Overnight Sensation is the way to go.

  39. As a reader, I loved No One But Madison by Doreen Orsini, a new author at Triskelion. This book is VERY hot, a BDSM book…I don’t usually go for those, but this book is filled with suspense and emotion. Loved it!

    I also love books by Mare Treanor. She writes lush books set in Scotland…I adore Some Other Sea, a sexy historical, which is out at Triskelion too.

    Catherine Chernow’s got a new one out called The Fine Art of Kissing…a breezy, sexy contemporary.

    Can ya tell I’m a Trisk author! I love these books…

    Another author to check out is Melanie Atkins. If you like cops, serious suspense, and Southern deep fried settings, her books are awesome.

    I could go on and on…so many great ones. I’ll force myself to stop for now…

    As a writer, my new book The Devil Inside just came out this month from Triskelion…its an NYC urban fantasy about a pent up prosecutor running from his demonslayer past who falls in love with a “dybbuk” — astral spirit — who haunts his dreams.

    Thanks for doing this, btw…there a ton of fantastic ebooks out there that deserve wider exposure.

    Michele Lang

  40. I posted as Christy, but as Robin I would like to point you in the direction of Beth Williamson. Not only is she my co-author for Vixen Virgins, Beth also sure knows how to write sexy westerns.

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