And the winners are . . .

Dear Authors and Gentle Readers:

champagne bottleI guess it’s safe to say that we Ja(y)nes are suckers for books. We got a great response from our first ebook buzz contest. We will run this contest at the end of every month until August and maybe longer, depending on how well we like the books we read. Just because your book wasn’t picked doesn’t actually mean we won’t buy it and review it at a later date. Ultimately, we each decided to buy ten different books (or 12 depending on how you count up Megan Hart’s contributions). We will review three a week until the start of our next contest. Each book will stay at the top of the blog until the next review goes up.

Without further ado:

Jane picks:

Jayne went with the following:

In buying these ebooks, Jayne and I encountered several problems. I couldn’t find Raine Weaver’s by at her website. I finally gave up after about 10 minutes of searching the website and did a google search. Found the book at Fictionwise. Similarly, Megan Hart’s Playing the Game was a bit hidden. Fortunately, Ms. Hart has a search feature on her site which helped me locate the book page.

Jayne and I both had problems getting our books from Liquid Silver. I was initially very impressed by Liquid Silver or Siver, however it is spelled, because of the nice, very professional covers. But when you can’t download your book after several hours, you start to panic and exchange profanity laced emails with your blog partner. In a word of defense for Liquid Silver, I did get a help desk response and workable link at midnight which is pretty impressive.

Jayne still hasn’t received her download code from Triskelion. Maybe she won’t read Pam Champagne’s book. After all, if she can’t download it, she can’t read it.

Best regards,


By Jane Litte

0 comments on “And the winners are . . .

  1. Sorry to hear you had so much trouble with LS and Trisk. LS is prety great about getting right back to folks of there’s a problem. Good luck with the reviews for the e-books. I liked Tracy Sharp’s book, myself and I’ve read a couple of Megan Hart’s I’ve enjoyed πŸ™‚

    Dakota Cassidy–author of that crazily titled book that strains your maxim to “not judge a book by it’s cover/title”. LOLLOL.

    Good luck with the blog!

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  3. oh very nice picks!

    I think I have Raine Weaver’s Let’s Pretend but will have to double check. Sounds good. Very green over the other two of Hart’s, I need to get those! Can’t wait to see what you think of Playing the Game. hmmm and the other ones in case I don’t need to get them ;).

    I want Dane’s The Enforcer, so color me green again ;).

    Stuart’s Once in a Blue Moon is an interesting story, I didn’ think it worked well as a stand alone but once I read the page of the other stories cece needs to sell – HINT – it made much better sense.

    ooohhhhh do tell how Learning Charity is soon, sounds interesting and Summer/Kate is a great author.

    Don’t know anything about the others. EEK I am late, off to work with me.

  4. Oh, my. I’m honored!

    Thanks to you two ladies, and to those who recommended me.
    And I’m fixing that little problem with difficulty in finding the book immediately. (blush!)

  5. Well, yay! Thanks for choosing Enforcer, I hope you enjoy it! And well, biased as I am, I think you’ll love Megan’s Playing the Game (Jack and Josie are one of my favorite all time romance couples).


  6. Pam, I did get a dl of this shortly after I bought it online 2 weeks ago. I’ve just not gotten to it yet. Real life intruded for a few days. Pesky real life. I am aiming to try and get this one and my other pick read by early next week. Sorry for the delay.

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