REVIEW: More to Life Than This by Carole Matthews

Dear Ms. Matthews:

More to Life Than ThisMarriage in trouble is a favorite theme of mine. I am always interested in seeing how an author can bring a couple back from the brink of disaster without irreparable harm. But marriage in crises require a delicate balance, particularly if one character is going to embark on an adulterous relationship. You really need to provide an excellent reason for infidelity and boredom is just not a very sympathetic reason.

Kate Lewis is bored with her life. She is a 35 year old housewife with a successful and caring husband and two very well behaved children. She decides that because her sex life is lackluster and her children don’t do drugs and peruse dirty magazines, that her life has no meaning. Instead of volunteering or reaching outside herself, Kate books a week long Tai Chi class. Kate feels badly for abandoning her family and arranges to have a bombshell Australian au pair watch over Jeffrey and the children while Kate is gone.

You aren’t much into sublteties as you hit us over the head with the meaning of tai chi and how Kate should find a center within herself. Tai Chi is her road to self discovery. Fortunately, Kate has help in finding herself when she meets up with fellow classmate, Ben Mahler. Kate, who has a great body and is dramatically gorgeous in an understated way (your words, not mine), attracts Ben immediately. She must be one hot mama because after only two days, Ben is on the precipice of falling in love with her (again, your words). Continue reading

By Jane Litte