The New Us

When Jayne and Jane first started blogging, Jane had picked out a plain and ordinary theme. Since that time, it was mutually agreed that our site looked boring. We’ve made some changes and added some new code that should make your visit to the blog more fun.

  • Inline commenting. That allows you to see the comments without have to reload the page. Look for the “show comments” link at the bottom of posts.
  • Preview and quicktags to make commenting easier.
  • Chatbox for anyone (hopefully not spammers. we’ll see) so that you can leave any sort of message.
  • Theme Switcher so that users can decide what look they want to see. We will probably add more themes as we go along instead of doing a massive overhaul.
  • Social icons. The icons at the bottom of each post allow a user to submit the blog posts to various sites.

There’s still stuff left to do. We are going to bring back recent comments and recent posts as soon as Jane figures out the css styling for nested lists. We’ll be bringing back the subscribe buttons, but you can always look to the meta section for the RSS link. We finally made an email available for contacting us. We want you to contact us, even to tell us that we suck. If you want to send a book for review, you can. We promise to read it, review it and not to sell it, but we can’t promise a positive review. Look for more small changes in the future. We love having everyone visit.

The Ja(y)nes

By Jane Litte

0 comments on “The New Us

  1. Lurvely! Perfect for me to mess around with the theme switcher, bwhahahaha! Click, click, click, etc … but where is the email address?

  2. The Register/Login thing is an admin bar – I didn’t realize it showed up when you were not logged in. Hmm. Maybe will rethink that. It’s a nice feature because when you are logged in, it allows you to quickly go to any part of the wordpress admin panel.

  3. I love the new look with the postage stamp. It’s awesome! You’ll have to tell me which plugin you used for comment preview. And explain the Social buttons at the bottom?

  4. Angie – the plugin for the comment preview (which I love BTW and Keishon has at her site) is LiveComment Preview.

    The Social Bookmarks work like an online favorites/bookmark sort of thing. They are called social news sites. You can “tag” all of your favorite blog posts (as well as alot of other stuff) and allow you to keep track of those posts as well as share those with others. is probably the most popular. I guess it’s kind of a TIVO for blogs and other online sources because it can also help you to find other content related to your “favorites”.

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