REVIEW: The Beekeeper’s Daughter by Janice Carter

Dear. Ms Carter,

The Beekeeper's DaughterAfter reading a review of your book I decided to take a chance on it. I’m not usually a category romance book fan (Some of the titles alone are enough to make me gag) but I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It has two mature leads acting reasonably and a nice background story. There are no misunderstandings, no sudden personality changes, and no overbearing villain. The heroine’s father has a lady friend who he’s been seeing for a few years but their relationship never overshadows the main one. And the heroine’s conflicting emotions about the daughter she gave up for adoption are told from her perspective and serve to add to her story. The firefighter hero’s feelings about his job never freeze him at a key moment nor plunge him into the depths of angst. I would have liked to have seen the love story drawn out a little (the total time frame is about 3 weeks plus a 6 week later epilogue) but that would probably have involved more subplots which would have detracted from the main love story. I can live with it. B for you


By Jane Litte

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