Books Jane Is Contemplating for Read/Purchase – June 2006

Thinking about these books:

Contemporary/Contemporary Romantic Suspense

  • Bevarly, Elizabeth – Express Male (HQN)
  • Bird, Sarah – The Flamenco Academy (hardcover–KNOPF) (reserved at library)
  • Brashares, Ann – The Girl of Lost Things (hardcover–RIVB) (reserved at library)
  • Civil-Brown, Sue – Hurricane Hannah (HAR)
  • Dunn, Carola – Styx and Stones (reissue–KENS)
  • Glass, Julia – The Whole World Over (hardcover–PAN) (reserved at library)
  • Howard, Linda – Cover of Night (hardcover–BALL) (reserved at library)
  • Krentz, Jayne Ann (writing as Jayne Castle) – Ghost Hunter (JOVE) (reserved at library)
  • Ross, JoAnn – Impulse (POCK)
  • Shay, Kathryn – Ties That Bind (BERK)


  • Gilman, Laura Anne – Staying Dead Bring It On: A Retrievers Novel (LUNA) (for sure buy)
  • Novik, Naomi – Black Powder War (3rd in series–DELR) (for sure buy)


  • Gracie, Anne – The Perfect Stranger (BERK) (for sure buy)
  • Guhrke, Laura Lee – She's No Princess (AVON)
  • Hawkins, Karen – Her Officer and Gentleman (AVON)
  • Howell, Hannah – Highland Lover (ZEB)


  • Chance, Karen – Touch the Dark (ROC)
  • Huff, Tanya – Smoke and Mirrors (paperback release–DAW)
  • Popp, Robin T. – Seduced by the Night (WAR)
  • Viehl, Lynn – Dark Need: A Novel of the Darkyn (BERK) (for sure buy)
  • York, Rebecca – Shadow of the Moon (BERK)
By Jane Litte

0 comments on “Books Jane Is Contemplating for Read/Purchase – June 2006

  1. I’ve got 4 on my June list…

    Linda Howard–auto buy
    Laura Lee Guhrke–auto buy
    Robin T. Popp–this sounds interesting, but I haven’t read the first in the series yet.
    Lynn Viehl–Must buy–I love this series, such a great romance/horror hybrid.

    Someone would have to pay me to read another Elizabeth Beverly, her dialogue is absolutely painful.

    I haven’t read a Krentz in years, she was an auto buy for so long, but I got burned out on her style long ago.

  2. Do read Gilman’s STAYING ALIVE. It’s not that fantastic, but it’s an interesting yarn. Worth my reading time, IIRC. I’m still sorry that I gave away my copy.

    Of all listed, the only book I’d buy is Sarah Bird’s TFA.

    I’m torn over whether I’d buy another Tanya Huff book. Same with Linda Howard’s COVER OF NIGHT [I keep typing ‘Cover of the Night’ … aargh!]

  3. The bookstore I work at puts covers of upcoming books on the wall, And we’ve had more people ask about the Karen Chance. She should really send whoever’s responsible a fruit basket.

  4. I’m definitely getting Dark Need.

    I thought Bring It On is the third, as yet unreleased, Retrievers book? I’ve not read the first one, which is Staying Dead. Curse The Dark is the second.

    I’ve Robin T. Popp on my maybe list.

  5. It is Bring It On. Bleah. I think Roc and Tor are producing some nice sci fi/fantasy romances. Now if they would only release their books in ebook format.

    Chance’s book has cover quotes from Kelley Armstrong and Patricia Briggs. I think it will be a for sure buy. Maybe I can find it this weekend.

  6. Jayne Castle’s Ghost Hunter was good, a continuation of the series. It was very much her style with the dominant hero not into communication. Heroine finding her way.

  7. I haven’t read a Sue Civil-Brown book in ages. I used to read ALL ove them. I’d love to see a review of it to see if she’s changed much.

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