REVIEW: Ghost Hunter by Jayne Castle aka Jayne Ann Krentz

Dear Ms. Krentz:

Ghost HunterI keep buying your books even though I know that it’s the same story that I have read before in your previous publications. Oh, I know that it says “first time in print” but I am sure I have read the same characters, with the same conflicts, with the same resolution about 30 times previous. But your one note music must sing to me because I keep reading and buying and reading and buying.

Your “latest” story fearures Elly St. Clair, the only daughter of a distinguished Guild family in Aurora Springs. In fact, the previous Guild boss was Elly’s father and her brothers are all accomplished hunters. Cooper Boone is the new Aurora Springs Guild boss and is set to marry Elly.

Elly finds out that Cooper fought a duel with another aspirant to the Guild boss position and confronts him about it. While she was scared and mad that he took dangerous risks with his life, Elly was secretly a bit excited to think that Cooper cared for her. He hadn’t shown much attention to her (constantly late, absorbed in Guild business). When confronted, Cooper states that the reason for the duel was to protect the balance of Guild power. Not terribly romantic. Elly breaks off the engagement and moves away from Aurora to the big city, Cadence. While in Cadence, Elly becomes embroiled in an investigation involving drug smuggling. Her friends are being targeted and she needs help. Cooper arrives just in time to lend his ghost-hunting skills.

While in Cadence, we get visits with Mercer Wyatt and Emmett and Lydia London. The insertion of those previous characters were done well and within the confines of the plot. They weren’t just gratiutious showings to appease the fan base, even if they were put in to appease the fan base.

I have noticed in All Night Long and in this book, that your heroines are becoming less eccentric, better dressed, and equipped with more modern dialogue. There are some touches of classic your dry wit and the story moved along. But this book was so much of a retread of previous stories that I couldn’t help but be bored from time to time. I think your use of made up colloquialisms “green heat” “playing rez-ball with solid quartz” “mad as green hell” are a bit silly rather than adding to the authenticity of your paranormal world.

This book isn’t one of your best and it isn’t even one of your best paranormals. It’s really only a book that a true Krentz lover would enjoy and even for this fangirl, it was a bit on the weak side. I’ll buy your next one, even though I should just re-read some favorites like Golden Chance, Grand Passion, Family Man and the like. This is a C book.

Best regards,


By Jane Litte

0 comments on “REVIEW: Ghost Hunter by Jayne Castle aka Jayne Ann Krentz

  1. *sigh* Big fan girl here. I’ve been eyeing this one, but hesitated because I feared everything that you’ve mentioned in this review, would be the case. And I love this series too!

  2. I love Jayne Krentz and many of her books are in my keeper collection. I did feel exactly like your review. It’s a good book, but I don’t see her writing progressing. Many authors have a noticeable difference in their writing, the more they write the better the stories, characters, plot lines, etc.
    I will still buy her books but not in hardback.

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