REVIEW: CB – Winner Takes All by Marie Hart

Dear Ms Harte,

Winner Takes AllAs soon as I started the book, I could tell that it’s obviously part of a series.It’s not too hard to follow after the beginning 20 pages but a one page glossary to help newbies get up to speed would be nice. That way we wouldn’t be trying to tell the difference between planet names, proper names, official titles, and the everyday things on these worlds.

The hero, Gren, is your typical rogue mercenary type. He’s got a bad reputation that he doesn’t try to dispel but underneath it he’s a caring guy. I like that he only takes a little persuading to come to the rescue of the captured women who are destined to be sold by slavers. He’s also sensitive to womens’ distress and wants to not only help them but get them away as soon as possible. His heart is in the right place. Even though he’s practically on his knees from desiring the heroine, he doesn’t force Temis or try to seduce her. She does that. But, I feel he should have told her about consequences of them making love. It is life altering for both of them.

Temis is also a typical “warrior woman in a supporting role to the hero” who starts feisty and in your face. She does cool down and start to work with Gren once he outlines plan. I like that she takes active role in rescue of captured women and doesn’t turn into a liability during that operation.

Niggles: “Secret” slave auction seems to be known by most of known solar system. Why did Sernal and cavalry have to arrive so late? And Rorn is little more than slavering cardboard villain.

I found this to be an average space romance. While it’s not bad, there’s not really anything to separate it from so many others out there. The world building is OK but nothing extraordinary. Perhaps if I started at the beginning of the series, it would have more depth. The characters are fine but again, nothing I’ve not read before. I do plan to read the follow up about the still missing abducted woman, Seriana, so I might be revising my opinion of the series as a whole. For this one though, C for you.


By Jane Litte

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