Authors Behaving Feloniously Episode #6186

Dear Ms. Hanlon-Tarasov:

Next time, I would just cut off his penis. It is much more acceptable and less felonious than chucking a phone book at the dear hubby’s head (no entendre intended).

Emily Hanlon-Tarasov, author of the British best-seller “Petersburg,” knocked her husband unconscious in their Yorktown home during an argument this week. more

Best regards,


By Jane Litte

0 comments on “Authors Behaving Feloniously Episode #6186

  1. I hit my husband in the head with a half gallon of Newmann’s Own Lemonade. Threw it like a football and the darn thing exploded all over the kitchen, what a mess. Next time I’ll try the telephone book, less to clean up.

  2. So how about a new trend in Romance? Heck, if heroines can be abused and bullied by those big strong men, then those so-called heroes can take it, too, with all sorts of handy household items at the long-suffering heroine’s disposal — irons, cordless phones, coffee makers. The possibilities and provocations are endless.

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