REVIEW: Ebooks destined to be the lesser cousin to the print book? If Kate C at AAR says so. . .

I think we all know by now that I am not the biggest rah rah, go author blogger in romancelandia. But today, I felt like I had to make a pro author statement over at All About Romance. In the review for A Taste of Divinity, reviewer Kate C says

Another mark against this anthology is its bad editing. The plethora of spelling errors, misused words, and bad punctuation were unnecessary and unprofessional. Regardless of the good press they've been getting lately, e-books have to lift their game if they want to gain the respect of their printed cousins.

To me that statement says that Kate C hasn’t read many ebooks (if any others than the Triskelion publication). It reminded me of when Elizabeth Bevarly blogged about all ebooks being porn when she hadn’t even read one.
We don’t find epublishers like Samhain, Liquid Silver, LooseID, AmberQuill Press, Ellora’s Cave to have noticeable proof editing problems. To state that all ebook publishers must “raise their game” to match their print published cousins is simply wrong. There are very good ebook published books out there, not only good in content but also in editing.

If you like ebooks and have found the ebook offers to be positive, you may want to post a counter to Kate C’s incorrect generalization.

By Jane Litte

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  1. Thanks for that post, Jane. In some ways I think it’s, as you said, like anyone else making a generalization; it won’t be easy to change their way of thinking once they’ve got it stuck. The only way to do that is what you did, point them in the direction of publishers that you’ve had good experiences with. Thanks for that! We just keep fighting the good fight 😉

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