REVIEW: Ebook Weekly: Liquid Silver Publisher Review

The original Liquid Silver post was eaten up by something. I’ll blame it on computer gremlins.


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1) Is there any place for a reader to “redownload” a previously purchased book?

Not at the moment. We are in the process of upgrading our shopping cart, which will let readers do this. Readers who want to download another copy of their purchase, or need a different format, can email us at

2) Are there any plans in the future to maintain a “library” of purchases?

Yes! This is one of the many improvements we’re working on for our new shopping cart. The new cart will let readers keep a backlist of their purchases on the site, and provide a more flexible shopping system.

3) What do you think of buying plans (i.e., reader bookclubs)?

We love this idea! Once we have the new cart in place, we’re going to be looking at implementing some kind of plan. We strive to be reader-friendly, so look for a new and exciting shopping experience on our site in the next year or so.

4) What are the print plans for your books?

Currently, 30 of our books are in print, and we have plans in the works for around 20 – 30% of our books to be available in the near future. In the past, we’ve printed books for conventions and author requests. But, thanks to reader suggestions, we’re also looking at printing our best-sellers year-round.

5) How would you define yourself as a publisher?

Good question. As it says on our home page, we publish Erotic romance, distinctive, classy and HOT. And I think we do a wonderful job of making that happen. We strive for excellence in our books — the authors we choose to publish with us, our editors, and the artists who create our covers, and I believe we’ve pretty much hit our mark. That’s not to say there’s no room for improvement, there always is, but I believe when you pick up a Liquid Silver Book, you’re getting the cream of the epublishing crop.

If you look at our quality, at the number of awards our books have won, at the number of our authors who are being wooed by New York publishers, you’ll see we have a pretty darn good base on which we can and will grow on.

We’ve got some exciting things in the works, for our current and new readers, for our current authors, and any new author who is thinking about joining our family.

6) Why isn’t the payment forms known until you check out?

You know, nobody’s ever asked us this before! As I’ve said, we’re working on upgrading and improving our shopping cart this year, so look for that to be part of it.

7) Are there any books you would like featured in the article?

Last year, we gathered up our authors to write two-author books centered around the signs of the Zodiac. This is an amazing series that brought together authors of every genre. Some of the books were connected, for example, Zodiac: Aquarius has a secondary character that both books share; while others are connected only by the sign.

These books are currently available as ebooks, but look for them in print starting in July. We combined the stories by their element, and will be releasing a four-book series: Air, Earth, Fire, and Water.

We’re also going to be launching a new line at Liquid Silver: Molten Silver. In this new line, our authors are going to be exploring the naughtier side of erotic romance, pushing the envelope and letting our readers enjoy their deepest, darkest fantasies. We’ve been refered to as a sweet erotica publisher, and yes, I think some of our stories still have a sweet nature to them, but I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with this new line. We’ve maintained the quality we’re known for and our decision to go for story and plot over just sex, while still amping up the sexual content to such a degree, I know these books are going to be flying off the virtual shelves.

Many of our books have won awards from review sites and contests, and our cover artists have won awards. Check out the Award Thread in our forum to get a better idea of our successes. Be sure to check us out at and visit our forum at


0 comments on “REVIEW: Ebook Weekly: Liquid Silver Publisher Review

  1. I’d like to add that Liquid Silver is the only erotic romance publisher I buy books from. Why? because they are sweet books. Although the explicit sex is great, the stories would stand alone without it. Really strong writing, really good writers. . Gin

  2. Thanks, Ginger. And thanks J & J for profiling Liquid Silver Books, the e-book publisher with the classiest covers on the internet. Yes, the content is great too, but I want to throw palm fronds at the feet of April Martinez and the art department.

  3. Thank you so much for bringing Liquid Silver to everybody’s attention! I had my first book published with them in April, Under a Rogue Moon, and it was one of the best experiences I’ve had with a publisher, from start to finish. My editor was a star, and when it came time for my cover, April was an absolute joy to work with. I’m chomping at the bit to work with the team again; just have to finish the manuscript first. 🙂

  4. Thanks so much for reviewing Liquid Silver Books website and Ginger, thank you for you kind comments about the books. I’ve been published with LSB since July of 2004 and they are an absolutely fantastic group of people to work with. The best!!! I highly recommend you go play on the site and pick up a book. Our authors are second to none!!!

  5. I fully agree, LSB are a wonderful bunch to work with! They guide an author every step of the way and April is a genius for knowing exactly which cover design best suits a work. My first book with them, Mr. Grey and the Hotel Ghosts was a delight to bring out, from start to finish. I’m really looking forward to the same pleasure with my next book!

  6. Hi, I’m one of the authors who will be published under Liquid Silver’s new Molten Silver line. My book’s a M/m contemporary western, No Going Home. So you see LSB is starting to expand into new and exciting areas. I’m thrilled to be writing for them. EVeryone there has been firendly and helpful. 🙂 Awesome covers help. Thanks for spotlighting LSB, ladies.

  7. LSB have always been one of the few ebook sites that I visit, their covers are tastefully done, and the site is pretty easy to navigate (unlike Triskelion). I’ve also enjoyed most of the books that I’ve purchased from there in the past.

  8. Jane and Jayne, how wonderful of you to review Liquid Silver Books–thanks! As one of their authors, I’m biased about the talent LSB writers have :), but objectively, I think we have some of the best editing, proofing, and cover art in the industry. I’m proud to be associated with LSB. I hope your readers who are new to the company will try us out. And thanks to the really nice comments made here by readers!


  9. Thank you, Jane and Jayne, for featuring Liquid Silver Books. I’ve been with Atlantic Bridge as Monette Michaels since the Summer of 2000 and at Liquid Silver Books as Rae Morgan since it opened its doors in January of 2003. Needless to say, I like the environment.

    I’ve always been impressed with the consistency of quality in editing and formatting. Our Art Director April Martinez has put together a great bunch of artists (including herself).

    Your readers should stop by and visit our Silver Net Forum or SiN as we fondly call it. Everything they need to know about the books in print and the ones that are coming is there, including reviews and links to the authors’ blogs and websites.


  10. Thank you Jane and Jayne for featuring Liquid Silver Books, as one of their new authors being published under their Molten Silver line, I was very pleasantly surprised by the level of care they give their authors.

    Watch for Molten Silver’s exciting, erotic, sometimes exotic stories coming soon. Mine is Sacred Secrets, a Chronicle of Submission, which will be part of a series, all featuring the POV of Professional Dominants and the submissives who fall in love with them.

    Thanks again!

  11. Jane, thanks for a very useful review of LSB. I’m co-owner of LSB and you’ve given me some great pointers for things we need to improve on. One thing we clearly need to do better is highlight some items we have, but which obviously aren’t as clear as they should be. Some examples:

    Reviews: No reviews.
    Snippets from all the reviews we know about are posted for each book in our Library section.

    Download: Once you have purchased an ebook, you have to wait for a link to download the book.
    This *shouldn’t* be the case, apart from rare glitches. Once your payment has been processed, you should then arrive at a page which has links to download your books immediately. The email is meant as a backup to cover the occasional glitch, and to serve as a receipt. Clearly we need to do a better job of making customers aware of the immediate download page.

    Biggest irk is that you don’t know how much the book is until you click the “buy” button.
    The price of every book is just to the right of the “Buy” button. We will look at making it more obvious.

    Thanks for the praise 🙂 The criticisms you highlight are all things we’re working on, so it’s good to read that we’re working on the right stuff-things which matter to readers. I wish more readers would highlight areas where they feel we need to improve.

    In fact… You’ve just inspired me to post a Suggestions Topic in our Readers and Customers forum 🙂

    When we get our new shopping cart installed, we’ll be happy to offer a special for Dear Author readers. Give me a nudge at the time 🙂

  12. Thanks for posting and correcting my errors, Mike. I remember receiving an email from you late at night fixing the download link error. I should have put in the post that I had experienced kick ass customer service. I meant to do that but must of have forgotten.

  13. I had a glitch when I bought my LSP book but I believe Mike was also the one who got me my dl link very quickly. As Jane said, very quick and efficient customer service.

  14. Since I found LSB opening, I have stayed with them. I like the way they operate. My previous publishers have either been to small or too large to carry the load and get any marketing or promotion help for their authors. I’m looking forward to working with LSB far in the future. Their staff is wonderful and kind to their authors!
    Way to go, LSB! Who loves ya baby!!

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  16. Thank you, ladies, for reviewing Liquid Silver. LSB published my first erotic SF adventure, and as both an author and a reader, I’ve been treated with professionalism and respect, but also have been made to feel like I’m part of a family. Class is the word when it comes to LSB, in the excellent customer service and business practices, the extraordinary cover art, and the engaging stories within.

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