Amber Quill Contest Winners

Amber Quill Winners are announced. When we did our ebook weekly review of Amber Quill’s post, Amber Quill offered up two free books to dearauthor readers. Those readers have been picked by AmberQuill and the readers will receive their free books today.

  • #34 — Keishon: Smuggler’s Bride by Darlene Marshall
  • #177 — Phyllis P: A Most Unsuitable Bride by Jane Toombs

Thanks to Amber Quill for their contrbution and thanks to the readers to participate.


0 comments on “Amber Quill Contest Winners

  1. I won, I won, I won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Talk about shocked. I never win anything. What a nice surprise after coming home from work. Thanks!

  2. Congrats Keishon and Phyllis. Keishon, I’ve enjoyed all three of Darlene Marshall books. You do realize this is the sequel to Pirate’s Price, right?

    Phyllis, I’ve been thinking of trying Jane Toombs myself. Let us know how you both liked the books!

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