REVIEW: CB- Chase for an Angel by Christy Poff

Dear Mrs. Poff,

Chase for An AngelI tried. I really tried to finish Chase for an Angel. But I just couldn’t. The book starts too slowly with a whole chapter of flashback. Then your style, more telling than showing, distanced me from the characters and the story. Then you separate the hero and heroine for years. The way I had the book paginated in my IPAQ, at one point you spend 25 pages telling those years from the heroine’s POV then about 40 pages with the hero. You’ve obviously done your research into the American Civil War but by putting so much of that in such a dry form into the story, it turns it into some kind of CW battle travelogue.

And then once the story picks up, it gets incredibly hard to read because of the villains and what they do to the heroine. I must warn readers of this. The heroine is raped, abused, raped some more then kidnapped by the villains and taken with them on their terror spree from New Orleans through Texas. You do not spare readers from the extreme viscousness, brutality and horror of her weeks in the hands of these monsters. Then you pile more of this abuse on the other victims these men attack during their travels. Then you have the men in the lives of these women learn of what happened to them including the time frame and order of the abuse. (I didn’t understand how the relatives could know some of these things since there were no survivors to tell them.)

I should also have paid more attention when the book was described as a saga. You appear to be writing in the style of the books of the 1970s and 80s. If this was your intention, you have succeeded. It’s a style I don’t happen to enjoy which is certainly not something I can hold against you or this book. The book was properly labeled. I do find fault with whoever wrote the book description at Fictionwise (where I purchased it) and Whiskey Creek Press. There is no warning of the level or type of violence in the story. Some of the reviews at Whiskey Press vaguely hint at it but these warnings need to be much stronger. I certainly would have thought twice about reading the book had I known this.

From the glowing reviews posted at Whiskey Creek Press, it’s clear that your book works very well for some readers. I wish it had worked for me. DNF



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