REVIEW: Blunder Woman by Dakota Cassidy

Dear Ms. Cassidy,

Blunder Woman I needed to pick a Changeling Press book for my epublisher review and yours caught my eye. I’m still not quite sure about the cover art (what happened to the heroine’s head?) but the book is great fun. Kind of “The Incredibles” crossed with a romance book.

Kennedy Smith isn’t quite sure what to make of this guy who’s telling her she’s some long distant relative of an Egyptian goddess and that she’s been picked to join OOMPH. The Organization of Magnificent Paranormal Heroes needs her as a positive spin-meister type, kinda person. They’ll supply her with neat magical things that will give her super hero-ish powers after she trains her butt off (really, she does loose come cellulite but no, her ta-ta’s don’t get any bigger) plus a costume. Well, the costume kind of sucks but she gets great boots! The problem? Her trainer, Captain Daring, is the real deal. A born superhero who resents this super heroine wannabe. But he’s got great eyes and is great in bed. And great in the front seat of Kennedy’s Pacer. But when the chips are down, can Kennedy come through in the clutch or will the forces of evil triumph?

Wow, hot sex, fun characters and a plot! Like I said, this one is a treat to read. I like that you let Kennedy use her talents to save the day. I love the humor but also that you reel it in before it gets too sarcastic. The sex scenes are hawt without getting too silly, purple or clinical. Good job. But is there really enough room in a Pacer for those acrobatics? šŸ˜‰
B for you.



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  1. Color me stupid, but wasn’t your page different yesterday? I swear I’m not imagining things. šŸ™‚

    I was looking at this one yesterday, because I thought it looked good, but I was on the fence. I think I’ll be buying it now.


  2. LOL, you’re not stupid. We were experimenting with a different look. Turns out it needs some more adjustments.

    I’ve since read another Dakota Cassidy book and liked it almost as much as this one. I think I have a new author to backlist.

  3. LOLLOL, thanks, Jayne! Um, yes, indeed, you really CAN do it in a Pacer. You don’t think I wouldn’t research something as crucial to my story as that, do you? LOL

    Actually, my folks had one and that’s what brought it to mind. I remembered the pics of it, though don’t remember them owning it. My mom hated it and made fun of the pics often. I had two choices for cars for Kennedy–It was either that or the Rambler they had…and it really IS true, you can do it in a Pacer. My mom, to my chagrin, assured me. Bleh on my parents, eh?

    Thanks again!
    Dakota Cassidy šŸ™‚

  4. My first Dakota Cassidy read was a shortie called Shut Up and Drive. I encourage you to read that one. It was her debut and it still sticks in my mind. I love to read DC, but SUAD remains my very favorite by her.

  5. Dakota, I thought you probably had some actual Pacer knowledge since those scenes were so, um, detailed. And yes, there are some things I’d rather not know about my parents!

    Vanessa, thanks for the rec. I’m right in the middle of “Sex with Your Ex”and have read the first “Wolfmates” book. Reviews to come!

  6. LOLLOL–indeed, I could have done without the carnal knowledge. Thanks for such an intelligent, insightful review. Oh and as to Blunder Woman’s head and where it went…weeeeellll, it IS an erotic book. LMAO

    Thanks, Nessie!! Appreciate the kudos šŸ™‚

    Dakota šŸ™‚

  7. ~smiles~

    What a wonderful review for a great book, chicken fried steak with gravey (aka Dakota). When I saw the post at babeville I had to jump over here and see what the ladies had to say, very nice indeed.

    Oh, and will you tell mom, I’m shocked about the Pacer, she never tells me anything, ~eg~

    Michelle Hoppe

  8. I’ve been lucky enough to test read some of the best books ever as a test reader for Dakota Cassidy (this was one of them). Dakota is on my auto buy list for life I think šŸ™‚

    I’d strongly recommend reading sexylips66 (triskelion publishing). It’s available in e-book and print and is one of her best books (in my opinion) that I’ve read. Of course I’m partial to longer stories in general so that might have something to do with my enjoyment *g* I didn’t have to leave the world she created in this book quite as soon as I do with shorter stories LOL

    Erin ~ Dakota’s 12th fan (I think)

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