REVIEW: Sucks to be You by Sahara Kelly

Dear Ms. Kelly,

Sucks to Be YouWhat a great title! I had gotten this book last year just because of it and my review of Changeling Press made me want to pull it out, or rather pull it up on the computer, and finally read it. I’m so glad I did.

Toni and her best friend Mercedes are having a girls’ night complete with pink coconut sponge cakes, mead, a Ouija board, a scrying bowl and an incantation. It’s when they’re trashed off their asses that Drago shows up, summoned across time and space. Toni thinks he’s a figment of her wishful imagination and she’s happy to find that her made up dream guy is one hell of a f*ck. Except at the end, when the orgasms are flying, the asshole bites her!

The next morning, Toni’s shocked to learn that her figment is real (and still damn good looking), Drago is shocked to learn he’s not in Transylvania any more and that Toni remembers him biting her (that’s not supposed to happen!), and Mercedes is presented with something for her scientific mind to figure out. Who is this guy or more importantly, what is he?

Since this is such a short piece, you don’t have much time for in depth character development but I still feel like you showed enough for me to feel comfortable with these three characters. You did have to resort to a sort of “fated mates” thing to explain the instant love but the story’s fun enough that I’m willing to go with that. I enjoy the biting humor (sorry, no pun intended) and the neat way you ease Drago into his new life (who knew pot could do that?).

People looking for a short, fun and funny vampire TT will want to check this one out. B for you.



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  1. Dear Jayne,

    Thanks so much for your kind words! Truly music to my ears, and I ask your forgiveness for this note coming late…I should surf the net more often! LOL

    Yes, it’s a short story! And in that sense, often more challenging than some of my full length novels available at Ellora’s Cave. Balancing plot, character and um…passion in a prescribed number of words can drive a writer crazy at times. Thanks for letting me know it worked here!!!

    I’m not known for vampire stories, so this was a bit of a departure for me, although since then I’ve become a little braver and written a couple more. I hope you and your readers will enjoy them as well if you run across them.

    Thanks so much once again – for choosing to read my story and share your thoughts with your friends!!

    Sahara Kelly

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