REVIEW: Sex with Your Ex by Dakota Cassidy

Dear Ms Cassidy,

Sex with Your ExAnd now for something completely different. The other two books of yours I’ve read have been heavy on the paranormal and had more of a humorous feel to them. Though “Sex with Your Ex” has humor and a paranormal element, it’s mainly a marriage in trouble book. It’s also got such an emotional depth to it. Just as your heroine, Melina, does, readers will have to decide whether or not they can forgive a hero who’s committed the ultimate betrayal.

I thought you handled the payoff scene brilliantly. I mean, how many times have I wanted a wounded heroine to really let the hero have it with both barrels only to have her forgive and forget too quickly? Too damn many. And I love how Melina’s actions and feelings are a product of how she was raised. I appreciate that Brady knows he f*cked up, knows how much he hurt the woman he loves so much and is willing to work to save his marriage. Melina’s honesty with herself was refreshing too.

I have one niggle that keeps this from being an A grade and since it’s kind of a spoiler, I’ll cloak it in secrecy. After all the pain of Melina and Brady not being able to conceive and both of them coming to terms with that, you went and gave them the miracle “romance” baby. This just seems to negate everything they’d been through and frankly was unnecessary, IMO. Yes, it’s feel good but my grade would have been higher without it. B+ for you.



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  1. I may have to try Ms. Dakota Cassidy. Thanks for reviewing a few of her books. Plus, I love marriage in trouble books and I read your spoiler, that kind of ending is almost a requirement despite the plot, trials and tribulations of the protagonists. I find it annoying too. But I’ll look this up. I must admit…those covers put me off but as they say, never judge a book by it’s cover. My thoughts: bad cover, bad book. Not necessarily.

  2. Along with the friends to lovers, the marriage in trouble theme is a fave. I’ll be picking this up right away and availing myself of the discount!

  3. Keishon, I was holding my breath and getting more and more excited as I got closer to the end, hoping against hope that what happened, wouldn’t happen. But it did and you’re right, it is almost a requirement. Every once in a while, though, writers will resist temptation.

  4. OMG–I did? Do you know, it’s been SOOOOO long since I wrote that, that I’d forgotten. LOLLOL. Do you know how long it took me to figure out how to actually read the spoiler? OY. This book was like my second writing venture. Oh, wait! I remember–in the cemetary…I ended it like that because that’s how the situation I based it on in RL ended 🙂

    And I have to believe that some marriages CAN survive infidelity. I have a friend’s that did, though it’s still something I can’t reconcile, it can and does happen.

    And again, yeah, I’ve defintiely done much lighter fare since this book. That book was filled with subject matter I thought I’d be nailed to the wall for. I like fun, breezy, fluff. Call me cotton candy. LOL

    Oh, and Keishon? What you stated is definitely true. Never, ever judge a book by it’s cover. I shudder to think about how many friendships I might have missed out on and even finding the love of my life if I had 🙂

    Thanks, Jayne!

  5. Yep Sybil, you’re thinking of this one. Melina’s (the heroine) mother comes back and gives advice while she tries to move up in her new world.

    Dakota, congrats to the couple in RL but I wonder how often that happens. Not much, I’m thinking. Have you done any other darker books like this one or are you straight cotton candy now? 🙂

  6. Not often, that’s for sure. The stats when I wrote that were low for survival. Some don’t make it past year one after an affair. However, I am happy as a pig in slop to say that my friends now have an 8 yr old little boy and via counseling, really made it work. Love them both, hated the choice one partner made, refused to allow myself to hate him.

    Um, hmmmm, well, humor really kinda is my gig. Sexylips 66 is far more serious in the respect that it’s dealing with a damaged soul who meets a man online and the e-mails in it are actual e-mails I recvd when I was on Match.Com. Tweaked to protect the innocent. LOLLOL. The responses are mine too 🙂 Not tweaked. Also–if you like contemps, the first installment of The-Ex-Files–Mayhem and Maddie is probably deeper than most too, but it’s a short story and part of a series, though can be read stand alone 🙂 Divorced woman who isn’t so sure about the dating thing and hooks up with like women at a Divorcee’s Anonymous meeting. Maddie is my fav heroine. Hope that helps.

    And QUIT reading my stuff, yer freakin’ me OUT. You two scare the bejesus outta me. LOLLOL. And how is it that I get an e-mail each time someone posts? God, I’m a techie tard. LOL

    Dakota 🙂

  7. Don’t read this if you didn’t read the spoiler…

    My husband and I have a miracle baby. After 17 years of marriage and 10 years without using birth control, we conceived our miracle baby naturally without any fertility treatments. We had already resigned ourselves to being childless and wham, along came Junior.

    I’ll be looking for this one.

  8. Hey, Tara Marie!

    It was the same for my ex and I. We were married like 6 or so before we adopted our first son in Romania in 1990. Then miracle of all miracles, I got pregnant 3 years later. LOL. We did the infertility thing too 🙂

    Dakota 🙂

  9. I say this with all objectivity, my angel is gorgeous. LOLLOL. He’s 16 now and not so angelic, but soooo handsome. All dark eyed and olive complexion. We adopted him at 6 months 🙂

    And why not have a baby as the final coup de grace? It’s a romance novel–you can make all your dreams come true in a paragraph or so, yes? LOL

    Thanks, Tara Marie!

    Dakota 🙂

  10. Dakota, I have no idea how the notification with email posted thing works. I’m the tech tard of Jane/Jayne. If you see anything that looks stupid show up here, I’m usually the one who did it and Jane gets to fix it. God bless Jane.

    OK, we’ll leave you alone for a little while. I need to finish the Stobie Piel book anyway!
    But I do plan on reading the last two books in your Wolfmates trilogy so be watching for the reviews.

    I’ll also look for Sexylips 66.

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