July Ebook Contest

Dear Readers and Authors:

We often get offers of free books related to this contest but we decided that we would buy all the books we chose so we could remain objective. We have no problem in receiving books from publishers but at this time feel uncomfortable receiving books from authors for this CONTEST. (author submissions are accepted otherwise).

We are opening up the July ebook contest which was inspired by Cece. Yep, we’re a little late this month. This contest asks for you, readers and authors, to nominate books to be reviewed. Jane and I will pick a number of books (probably around 2 each since time got away from us last month to start the process) to read and review. As seen by the previous contest, not all books are going to get good grades. We hope that doesn't scare you all away. Of course, if you really hate an author, you may want to nominate them in hopes that we send them a Dear Ja(y)ne letter. 😉

One hint on the nominating process. If you see alot of one type of book being nominated: i.e., paranormals, you are probably going to have a better chance of your recommendation being picked up if it is different. Jane and I both enjoy reading traditional regencies, contemporaries and historicals as well as paranormals.

If you a reader, spend all the space you need to tell us why we should read the book. Authors, you write for a living. Give us your best three to four sentence sale. You can include links to excerpts, your website, etc. We'll run this contest until July 14th. Bring on the recommendations.

Best regards

The Two Ja(y)nes

0 comments on “July Ebook Contest

  1. I have not been doing a lot of reading, but one book I picked up was Shelby Reed’s The Fifth Favor from Ellora’s Cave, because I’d heard a lot about this author. It’s not a perfect book, but it’s very well-written, I couldn’t put it down and the hero got right under my skin. He’s a high-priced escort and I think that’s a risky premise. Reed pulls it off, imo.

    Anyway, I’m suggesting this mainly because I was strongly affected by this book and I’d like more discussion *g*

    Will be curious to read the other recs!

  2. Not a romance, but I’ll gladly offer up my mystery, PITHED, from Mundania Press, my best reviewed work. Based upon my father, Andy Farmer is a high school teacher nearing retirement, who is torn between the loyalty to a friend and his duty to what is right when his school’s principal is murdered. The book has been lauded for its characterization, many wrote me to say how amazed they were to read a character so real – a middle-aged amateur sleuth, as voiced by a woman in her 30s.

  3. If explicit manlove bakes your cookies, I’ll gladly suggest my category, Taste This, from Samhain Publishing. A lovelorn male chef is abducted by an amorous alien captain with a sweet tooth.

    If contemporary erotic romance is your thing, I gladly suggest my DARE ME, winner of the Love Romances Golden Rose for Best Erotica. It’s like The Odd Couple, only m/f and naked.

  4. Why does this feel like walking in front of the room to give a pitch and looking down to find yourself completely naked? LOL

    I’m going to take the plunge and nominate my new release from Samhain. Spellbound: Say You’re Mine is a novella that involves a family of witches/warlocks who run a P.I. firm. It’s the first in the series and stars the youngest Calder sibling who lands herself smack dab in the middle of a sexy detective’s undercover assignment, a cop who is known to frequently butt heads with her older brothers.

    Yes, it’s paranormal, *g* but a little different. You can find a couple teasers on my website. http://www.sydneysomers.com

  5. Well, since so many other Samhain authors are offering themselves up…

    I’d like to nominate my upcoming release Midnight Sun (available July 18th). Vamnpires. Knight Templars. An angst-ridden hero. A strong heroine. A web of revenge that spans hundreds of years.

    Come on….you know you want to read it…lol

  6. Keeping in my tradition of only pushing people I haven’t met:
    Did I already mention A M Riley to you? She does vampire m/m (doesn’t EVERYONE these days?) but her voice is unique and her guys aren’t all alpha turkeys–some are complex and interesting. Here’s one of hers that’s free. I loved the book of hers I got from Changeling Press, but DAMN, it’s gone.

    I like KG McAbee but . . .oh. . .after I went searching, she’s not publishing these days. I saw her listed as one of the authors not picked up after Inara went under. Dang. The only book of hers I could find is a Regency which is good, but it’s not her best.

    Apparently I also have a tradition of recommending books that no longer exist. bah. I’ll have to start pushing friends soon.

  7. Finally plucking up the courage to nominate my own book, An Endless Exile. This is a traditional romantic historical novel, telling the story of the eleventh centiry English hero, Hereward the Wake, from the first person view point of his strong-minded Flemish wife. It’s full of adventure, romance, tragedy, betrayal, murder…:) You can read an excerpt here: http://www.marylancaster.com/Exile.htm. Available from Fictionwise.

  8. I’m going to be the BAD ONE and recommend AN AUTHOR I DON’T LIKE for too many reasons I won’t list here.

    I want to wait on pins and needles and see if one of the two Jaynes-can send Jaden Sinclair a fabulous break down letter on her books.

    I recommend one in paticular. Here is the link.


    It is a shifter book, and if you choose it I guarantee you will be forced to finish it. Her website is just as horrible.


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