REVIEW: Undead Men Wear Plaid By Marie Treanor

Dear Mrs. Treanor,

Undead Men Wear PlaidAfter reading “The Other Sea,” I knew I wanted to read more by you. Keishon’s review of “Undead Men Wear Plaid” decided which one of your other stories to try next. I’m happy to say this book worked well for me.

Once again, your knowledge of Scotland (specifically Glasgow) adds depth and believability to the story. I wasn’t quite sure about this “Centre” for (apparently) paranormal studies and control for which the heroine works. But you did a great job with Karoly, the 500 year old Romanian vampire. He’s hot, he’s sexy as hell and I love him. I’d almost be willing to be lunch for him too.

I loved the humor of the story and have admitted in the past I’m a sucker for a well written first person book. In the two books of yours I’ve read, you’ve presented a totally different style for each. I can’t wait to see what your other books will be like. I do have to say that like Keishon, I found some editing errors (namely questions that should have had question marks instead of periods) but it wasn’t enough to totally pull me out of the story. B for you.



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  1. So glad you enjoyed this one, Karen. I agree that this one was a very well written first person story which prompted me to read more of her backlist. How are the editing errors of The Other Sea compared to Undead Men Wear Plaid? Should I expect the same or worse?

  2. I’d say the number of errors is about the same. But it’ll seem like less since TOS is so much longer than UMWP.

  3. You know what I think is amazing? Despite the fact that the editing and proofing errors are so obvious, Marie Treanor is writing above that problem. I really have to start reading her.

  4. Thanks and appreciate the feedback on this author. She has a new book coming out but I didn’t see a release DATE anywhere on the site.

  5. Wow, thanks for the very nice review, Jayne! What a pleasant surprise to drop by to 🙂 And thanks also to Keishon at Avid Reader – I came across your review last week but never found the time to reply.

    Keishon, my new book with Triskelion, The Devil and Via, should be released in August. My first with Changeling Press, Loving the Wolf, is scheduled for 28th July.


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