Non Sequitur: Soccer and Johnny Depp

I was so conflicted over the video to post. Pirates of the Carribean comes out today and I am as a big a lover of Monsieur Depp as anyone, eyeliner, pouffy shirt, long fingernails, natty hair and all. But it is also the weekend of the World Cup Championship. So to be fair to both of these monumentous events, I offer up two! videos

First: Pele, the best ever. Pele scored 1281 goals in 1363 matches, possibly the greatest sports record of all time.

Second: Johnny Depp, the best ever at something:


0 comments on “Non Sequitur: Soccer and Johnny Depp

  1. Okay, I was promised Johnny and I no see Johnny!!!

    Where’s Johnny!!

    You’re lucky I enjoyed Pele 😉


  2. Yup, will be sitting in front of a box somewhere watching the World Cup – come on Italy! And spent last night with the nieces watching Depp master the seas, it was a hoot…but need a release date for the next, seriously!

    Thank you Jane, two fantastic clips!


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