REVIEW: An American Werewolf in Hoboken (Wolfmates I) by Dakota Cassidy

Dear Ms. Cassidy,

55.jpgAn American Werewolf in Hoboken is the first of your Wolfmates trilogy and starts the series off with a bang. I love that so much of the hero’s POV is told while in his shapeshifted werewolf state. And from someone who owns a large dog and spends a fortune on dog “things” I can feel JC’s pain when she walks out of Petsmart after “adopting” Max from the local animal shelter. Thank you for making JC just an average Jane earning a living instead of some high profile lawyer or glamorous model. I do wonder how Max and his pack survive even if it is out in the sticks of New Jersey. Wouldn’t someone report seeing wolves running loose, even if one of them is a vegetarian who keeps pet rabbits? And what’s with grandma Eva’s predictions of lifemates obtained from reading messages in a bowl of chicken noodle soup? Shouldn’t she at least be reading alphabet soup?

As I’m coming to expect, the frequent sex in this book is hot without being silly or crude. Do I want to know if you did research for the “sex on a dining room table” scene? Probably not. Please, I don’t want to read any future scenes with Max shifting during sex though. No, no, no.

I do have a niggle. I realize you had to fit this story into a short format but JC’s change of heart takes place really quickly. If I had doubts about a normal relationship, much less marrying a man who changes into a wolf once a month, it would probably take me longer than a week to go from “no f*cking way” to “I can’t live without him.” But that may be just me. Anyway, B for you.



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  1. LOLLOL–thanks again, Jayne! You know, I get e-mails from a couple of people who come here to tell me I have a review from you and I come over here with my heart in my throat. You’re KILLING me. LOL

    Oh, and Max shifted during sex? I never go near that stuff cuz it freaks me out. Are you sure? Honest to God, I can’t remember. It was like 20 books ago. Or do you just mean I have to promise not to do it? Trust me, that’ll NEVER, never, ever happen. blech 🙂

    Dakota 🙂

  2. I don’t live in the sticks of New Jersey but we’ve seen deer and other wildlife – most recently a turkey – and it’s not that we don’t report it, but that the ever helpful ASPCA people tell us that they don’t handle wild animals. Mind you, theyre not too interested in coming out to get the domesticated ones either. Must be nice to have a job where you refuse 90% of the calls 😉

  3. I am a hopeless and shameless Dakota Cassidy fangirl because of this book, although I haven’t had a chance to read the rest of the series.And don’t get me started on the ASPCA. Because I totally would and it’s off topic, but I’ll just mention that I agree with Jay’s comments re the ASPCA and leave it at that. And I don’t live in New Jersey, either.

  4. I have a fangirl???? Weeeeeeeee doggie! But are you the crazy kind, or the subtle love me from afar kind? LMAO. I’m teasing 🙂 Thanks for that. you made my day!

    I come from NJ and where the book is set is very secluded. I saw a wolf farm there. A man who made it his mission to save the wolves, so it’s what inspired my story. And bleh on the ASPCA for the most part. I’m not afraid to say I’m a huge animal lover and in some cases, the ASPCA SUCKS. I’m not surprised they ignore calls at all. I guess I shouldn’t get started either, eh? LOL

    Thanks again!

    Dakota 🙂

  5. Yeah, I just wanted your promise for Max to not ever shift during intimate moments! [g] “Blech” is right.

    And just so you know, I’ve got reviews coming up for the next two books in the series. As Carly Simon sang, “Anticipation. Anticipaaaaation is making me wait….” [evil grin]

  6. I triple promise. I don’t care what anyone says, I just can’t even think it.

    And aren’t you done with me yet? Sheesh, I just know my luck can’t hold out much longer. LOLLOL

    Thanks, Jayne!

    DC 🙂

  7. Hehe. Well, Dakota, I would offer to polish your tiara. That’s the kind of fangirl I am. And oh, dear, that sounds way raunchier than I meant it to.

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