REVIEW: Kitty Goes to Washington by Carrie Vaughn

Dear Ms. Vaughn:

Kitty Goes to WashingtonI understand that this is the second in a series which started last year. I am happy to report that it stood alone without any need to read the first book (although I am sure that it adds something). Kitty Norville is a werewolf who has a radio show called The Midnight Hour. It’s a call in show wherein the paranormal folk (werefolk and vampires) and curious folk can call in and chat about topics related to being paranormal. Kitty used to be based in Denver, but her pack expelled her so she has been traveling all over the country, broadcasting her show and trying to rebuild her life.

Her lawyer, Ben, calls and tells her that she has been summoned to testify before a Senate hearing on paranormals, specifically about whether the Center for the Study of Paranatural Biology is entitled to more funding. Upon arriving in Washington, she is welcomed by Alette, the master of the city, and introduced to a group of werefolk. She quickly engages in a relationship with a hot Brazilian werejaguar but soon she is embroiled in vampire issues, a crazed evangelist intent on curing vampires and werefolk, and sinister goings on at the Center.

This book is very readable and Kitty is a nice narrator. I certainly can foresee myself reading more Kitty books in the future, BUT your plotting needs serious help. There was one thread in the story that could have been removed and done nothing to the overall plot. It was as if you stuck a short story in the middle of the book. I thought the thread had something to do with the Senate hearings and the Center, but it did not. When the thread was brought to a close in the middle of the book, I was left with a great big question mark in my head. Further, when you put Kitty in jeopardy, she is too easily extricated from trouble. I also found fault with the idea of Luis, the werejaguar. I am not sure of what his purpose was for the story other than perhaps you were told that you needed to give Kitty a love interest. Just providing your heroine with someone to sleep with doesn’t make the story have a romantic subplot.

Overall, I liked your book and your voice. I am going to continue to read your series, but it has some serious flaws. I hope you get the plotting issue worked out in the future. C+ for you.

Best regards,



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  1. I know the plot point you were talking about as well. It irritated me to no end because I could not see how it advanced the story. It completed an arc from the prior book but nothing was clealry served by this section except to make friends with the photographer. However, if this comes to bite Kitty in the ass a couple of books down we can knowingly say ah ha, but for now, eh.

    As for the werejaguar a bit more in deus ex machina angle. He was cute and useless but I understand the need to hook up. I got the idea from the previous book that Kitty misses her pack, if for nothing but the sex with the alpha.

  2. So maybe I was wrong when I said the book could stand on its own. I’ll read the next one but I hope to find the plotting tighter. And more attention on the Cormac angle.

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