REVIEW: What’s New Pussycat (Wolfmates II) by Dakota Cassidy

Dear Ms Cassidy,

108.jpgI have to say that you’re taking a typical werewolf romance story and turning it in a different direction that I’ve read before. I mean, how many werewolves are fated to marry/mate with domestic housecats? Not too many. As with “An American Werewolf in Hoboken,” I loved the cat heroine’s feline POV. Yes, cats are finicky, yes they only want the best (as everyone knows they deserve only the best, thank you very much),no they don’t like fingers waggled in their faces and anything in a house is theirs. You must have cats to have nailed that attitude so well.

Once again, the sex scenes are well done and I appreciate a heroine who knows what she wants sexually and is willing to go for it. No shrinking virgin heroine here! I loved the hero’s discussions with his penis.

So, what didn’t work so well? I don’t think this story can really stand that well on its own. If someone hasn’t read Wolfmates I, I guess they can muddle through the relationships and set up but it certainly helps (a lot) to have read the first installment. And the buildup of the heroine’s background ended on a slightly flat note. The way you chose to work that is interesting (and I have to love a short round woman as an object of desire) but I was expecting a little more bang than I got. The heroine’s change in feelings about the hero was also fairly quick (yeah, I know, it’s a short book).

I am looking forward to reading the last story and will assume it’s not about the pack member who got caught by animal control and neutered while in his wolf state. Unless you’re channeling Robin Schone or something, that would be a hard sell. C+ for you.