REVIEW: Angel’s Wings by Anne Stuart

Dear Ms. Stuart,

7163998.gifMost of the “A Century of American Romance” books have been winners and your entry for the 1930s, Angel’s Wings, is one of my favorite of your books.

Sophisticated flying ace Angela Hogan lives to fly but is struggling to keep her financially troubled air freight business going. Her major rival is a major slimeball, her fiance recently died trying to do a long distance stunt flight, and her mechanic is a drunk along with one of her pilots. Only a miracle will keep her going and that miracle is an arrogant, cocky war hero flier named Jack Clancy. Clancy likes “blonde, busty babes with bright red bee-stung lips, china-blue eyes and enough intellect to wipe their nose and not much more.” Angela is definitely not his kind of woman.

Angela knows that Clancy is definitely not her kind of man. But he can help keep her going til business picks up and he knows where she can get a reliable mechanic. They settle into an uneasy partnership and everyone else watches the sparks fly.

Angela is cool sophistication and Clancy is beer hall brawler. They both smoke like chimneys and Clancy only keeps from taking advantage of a snockered Angela because she passes out. She slaps him and he tells her the next time she tries it he’ll slug her back. Then does. They are like oil and water but are perfect for each other. You’ve done a great job of evoking the time and place without over doing it. There is enough flying info to make me think you did your homework without losing me in technical details. This one is a winner and a B+ for you.



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