REVIEW: Reality Check by Elisa Adams

Dear Ms Adams,

RealityCheck.jpg“Reality Check” might be short but it has what I need in a novella. Semi-believable plot (OK, honestly are there families out there who will drive people to invent fake finace(e)s?) that tells a story beyond just hawt sex scenes, nice lead characters, fun but not too nutty families (well, maybe the heroine’s mother verged on nutty), not too much action-comes-to-a-screeching-halt mental lusting and hawt sex. Sure, I want hawt sex but I want a story too.

Rachel and Doug are nicely done lead characters. They’re normal people I might meet anywhere. And the misunderstanding leading to the office rumor about Doug’s sexuality is a scream. His response when finding out the whole office thinks he’s gay is hysterical. I like how he sees the true Rachel under her cool facade. That lends credence to a real HEA for me. I also appreciate that the main story ends with “this could be love given time to get to know each other” rather than a forced “we’ll love each other 4evah after only being together for three days!” I dunno about having hawt sex in a house filled to bursting with family members, though. And does Rachel get to tie Doug to the bedposts like he promised? Huh, huh? 😉 B for this one.



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