Book Pimp Post #3

Morrigan's Cross SmallNot that Nora Roberts needs anyone to buy her books, but I saw that her Morrigan’s Cross book is for sale at It’s $7.19 if you have the newsletter with the discount code. I don’t buy alot of books in eReader, but I’ll make an exception this time as Morrigan’s Cross is not supposed to be in the bookstores until September 5 even though the book is in stores NOW because I can’t stand to see an ebook for sale that I want and not buy it.. I won’t be commenting today. I’ll be reading.

If you email me at jane at, I’ll forward you the newsletter.

0 comments on “Book Pimp Post #3

  1. I was just reading the Amazon Connect update that she wrote for Morrigan’s Cross, she should really get her own bolog methinks. Can you send me a copy of the newsletter Jane?

  2. Well, not to burst your bubble, but Amazon had listed the release date as August 29th and it is shipping now, I know it’s already been shipped to a few people. So it might be available in stores, since the release date was listed as the 29th. But still, ebooks are instant gratification šŸ˜‰

  3. Hmmm…never thought of buying Nora’s books in E-format…this is gonna hurt the book budget something fierce.

    *Warning: Possibly Irritating Fan-girl gushing ahead!*

    Ooooooh, La Nora hits the trifecta in book one of another successive-month release trilogy (like the Key Trilogy – one a month for three months! SQUEEEEE!!!). Morrigan’s Cross (which I picked up at Target yesterday for 25% off! BONUS!) was amazing.

    Just. Fricking. Amazing. No one does the dark, tortured hero like Nora. Swirling the paranormal and magic elements into this story just gilded the already-gorgeous lily a bit more thoroughly, IMHO.

    I blew through it in one big bite (*snerk*) last night and will be headed back for a re-read and to write my take on it for at FAR once it percolates a bit.

    P.S. ~ Karen, I like your new word, bolog. We just need a definition for it. It reminds me of the balrog from the LOTR series. Maybe it’s the balrog’s little brother?

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