REVIEW: Til Death Us Do Part by Jennifer Mueller

Dear Ms. Mueller,

1untitled1.bmpI read about your books on the Historical Delights yahoo group then followed the link to your website. There I would swear that I found a page of all your short stories then followed a link from them to where I bought this book. But upon going back to try and get a book cover image, I can’t find any of your books listed at Diskus Publishing. Have I lost my mind? Don’t answer that. 😉

Anyway, except for some editing problems, I had a good time reading your interesting short story about a 17th century French woman’s encounter with ruthless pirates, a pirate hunter sent to track them down and her revenge on her perfidious husband. And I also liked her revenge on the pirate who held her captive for two weeks. I must say that certainly put the fear of God into the pirate hunter’s crew!

You don’t shirk from placing your heroine into a difficult situation nor making the story as realistic as you can. Good for you. It’s also filled with an emotional depth that’s hard to achieve in a novella much less a short story. I’d like to have know a bit more about the hero and perhaps have had some of the story told from his POV.

Still, I’m interested in reading more of your work if I can manage to figure out how I got to the place where I bought this one. B for it.



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  1. Diskus no longer carries her books. A Little Roman Scandal is now at Romance At Heart and it looks like the others are going to be rereleased by Dark Castle Lords.

  2. Jenny, thank you for that info. For a minute, I really thought I’d lost my frickin’ mind. I wasn’t too happy with my Diskus buying experience (it took them about 3 hours to send me the dl link) so this is actually good news for me.

  3. I just found out you reviewed me I’d been scared if you did but i got a b so I’m happy happy joy joy. yes I have taken back rights for the books at diskus, the editing was part of the problem two of them are already out again and I will have the others back out soon. two so far confirmed at the dark castle lords the rest i’m waiting to hear back from one place I’ll be sure to let you know if you’re interested.

  4. two so far confirmed at the dark castle lords the rest i’m waiting to hear back from one place I’ll be sure to let you know if you’re interested.

    Yes, I would be interested in knowing when the others would be released. I noticed that one book is already for sale at Dark Castle Lords. Now that’s an interesting website. May I ask how long Crusader is? There’s almost no description of the book there.

  5. crusader is 62 pages long. I do have about 20 books out or coming in addition to the ones i pulled from diskus. I have them with about 8 publishers due to length and content. If you like freebies too i have a cookbook i give away for free with excerpts and lots of historical recipes related to the stories. its at under free reads and is called cooking through the ages.

    Jennifer Mueller

  6. Wow. I have to be honest and say that $5.00 for 62 pages is a heck of a lot to pay. I’ll keep checking your website to see what is being offered from different publishers. Thanks for the information.

  7. well i talked to them again and crusader is now 2.50! As far as the stories that were out at Diskus, the two you know about are out and I believe The Dancer’s Secret will be out soon i just turned in the reedits at dark castle lords. WW1 spy story

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