REVIEW: The Hired Hand by Melissa Schroeder

Dear Mrs Schroeder,

I was lured into buying this ebook by the cute premise. The heroine mistakes the hero for the gigolo hired by her best friend to celebrate her birthday. After a night of hot sex, during which no real names are exchanged, the hero wakes up alone. Three months later the two meet in business circumstances and take up their relationship again. But can uptight, control freak Marlow relax enough to let Liam into her life? And does footloose and fancy free Liam want into her life for good?

This is listed as an erotica novel and it does have some sex scenes but by the time I got to most of them, I was on skim mode. Marlow was just like every uptight, “needs a good screw” heroine I’ve ever read in a romance novel. She wears boxy suits, pins her hair up in a tight bun, wears glasses and has never had an orgasm during sex. Liam is tall, lean hipped and sexy. He doesn’t want to settle down but can’t quite get over the fact that Marlow is saying “no” to him. Now he’s determined to get in her pants again to hear her moan his name as she comes.

They lust after each other, lose their concentration while lusting after each other, Liam sports a semi-hard on for 1/2 of the book and batters at Marlow’s defenses. There’s the bland rival, controlling father, and flirtatious best friend characters. The sex scenes aren’t hot enough that I’d consider this a straight erotica and the mental lusting gets annoying. I also don’t like that one character does a complete 180 degree turn around in personality by the end or that you use a silly misunderstanding at the end.

I will give you points for trying to incorporate Marlow’s family business into the story but this one is just too same-old, same-old for anything more than a C grade.


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  1. Nope, no secret babies to be found here. Though the epilogue features the h/h engaging in actions that generally lead to babies and both cooing at each other about how they want to have babies.

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