Is this the E Reader people have been waiting for?

Sony EReaderAccording to Mobile Read, the Sony Reader is ready for release. You could get it before the end of the month or at least by the beginning of the month. I’ll be at Borders in October to check it out.

One of the pics from Nathan shows a booklight attached. Cumbersome but usable. I am thinking that Ned would love one of these for reading manga which is currently unreadable (because of the smallness of size) on our IPAQs. I may just have to buy one to let you all know whether it is worthwhile. 🙂

I don’t know if anyone besides me noticed but this month Harper Collins released all of its romance books in ebook format except for Angel in a Red Dress. Go Harper Collins.

Links for reviews:


0 comments on “Is this the E Reader people have been waiting for?

  1. I am forwarding your post to a very good friend and voracious reader of ebooks that is always complaining that there is no really good e-reader out there. She would be the ultimate beta tester for a product like this!

  2. Toni – if your friend buys this maybe she could do a review for the readers here at DearAuthor. I think a few of us are quite interested in a romance readers’ perspective.

  3. Yeah, I dl’d The Pirate Lord by Sabrina Jeffries. I saw the new or not-so new title by Judith Ivory. I’ll wait for the ebook version. Hopefully that won’t be a long wait.

  4. It doesn’t look like Sony is selling any new content or something that can’t be purchased elsewhere like or The prices appear to be 20% off the list price (also similar to powells but not as cheap as publisher prices at SimonSays). I did like the bundles where you can buy three books or more of a particular author at a discount. IF I buy the Sony Ereader, I would probably continue to buy the MS Lit format for obvious reasons and convert to RTF.

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