REVIEW: Jovah’s Angel by Sharon Shinn

It’s been a while since I read the first book in this series, Archangel, yet I was immediately sucked right back into the world that you created in Samaria. A world in which angels are not just heavenly beings, but are living presences and vital to lift the prayers and needs of men to the God Jovah through their beautiful music.

It’s 150 years after Archangel (which really must be read in order) and primitive technology is gaining a foothold in what up til then has been an agrarian society. The world is changing, too fast for some people, and not fast enough for others. And in this time, things start to go haywire.

The Archangel Delilah, who leads the angels and pretty much rules over Samaria is injured and can no longer serve her role. A new Archangel, and one no one would have expected, is named by Jovah through his oracles. Retiring Alleluia is as stunned as the rest when she is named, and is just as doubtful as the rest of her abilities to take on the role.

Because she’s got a whole lot to try and deal with at one time. Suddenly, the few advanced technological aspects of Samaria are breaking down. The population is getting restless and worst of all, Jovah no longer seems to hear and respond to the prayers of the angels. Life on Samaria has reached a crisis and no one is sure what will happen next.

You’ve done another marvelous job with presenting the world of Samaria. The characters are rich and vividly drawn and even if I get a little mad or frustrated with them at times, I can understand their motivations and actions. It’s been a pleasure throughout the series to read about different types of characters. In this book we have an angel of faith matched with an atheist and a literal fallen angel who must regain her faith and overcome her anger at the tragedies she’s endured. All the threads of action are tied up by the end and resolutions are achieved that make sense. I’m bummed that I’ve now only got one more unread book and an anthology to go. Can I hope for more from this world? B+ for Jovah’s Angel.



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  1. I don’t know about the anthology, but aren’t there three more books in this series? My notes list the series as:

    Archangel released 1997
    Jovah’s Angel released 1997
    The Alleluia Files released 1999
    Angelica released 2004
    Angel-Seeker released 2004

  2. I believe you’re right, Miki, but Jayne may have read the books in a different order, since the chronology of events is different from the order of publication.

    Archangel first came out in 1996, and Angelica in 2003, actually. The anthology is To Weave a Web of Magic (published 2004), which contains a Shinn novella called “Fallen Angel.”

  3. Oops, I edited the review to clarify that I only have one unread book and the anthology. Sorry for the misunderstanding. [g]

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