REVIEW: Bodyguard by Beverly Havlir

Dear Ms. Havlir,

Several of your books were nominated during our monthly ebook contests but it’s taken me until now to try one. Unfortunately, it didn’t work too well for me.

You describe your heroine as super intelligent, a woman who graduated from college at age 16 and who at age 26 is a trauma surgeon. It’s too bad that you didn’t have her act that way. She is the only witness to a cold-blooded murder, the killer got a clear glimpse of her, several police officers tell her that she’s in danger and needs the 24 hour bodyguard her father wants her to have and all she can do is whine that it’s cramping her style and will keep her from getting the sexual encounters she wants to broaden her limited sexual knowledge. What an idiot. I think I might have liked the down to earth hero a lot but I couldn’t make myself read past the point where Paige gives him the slip so that she can go out on a date and hopefully get laid. He calls her words to the effect of spoiled princess senseless moron and I totally agree with him.

I enjoyed your writing style, it seemed like the sex scenes were going to be steamy and you can convey emotion and tension well. I hope I like the characters in your other books better but I couldn’t finish this one.


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