REVIEW: Must Love Dragons by Stephanie Rowe

Dear Ms. Rowe,

While reading “Must Love Dragons” I kept getting feelings of deja vu. I think other readers will as well since there are a lot of similarities with “Date Me, Baby, One More Time.” I feel that a reader’s response to that book will determine their grade for this one.

You left us with a lot of unresolved issues from “Date Me” and pick right back up where that book ended. Theresa Nichols is a dragon in despair. Her human roomie has gotten married, gone on her honeymoon and left T to starve while acting as temporary guardian of the Goblet of Eternal Youth (currently in the form of an espresso machine). Everyone wants the Goblet, including Satan who’s always got an eye open for expansion opportunities, and if T doesn’t keep it safe, not only will she get tossed into the chamber of unspeakable horrors for all eternity but her former roomie, Justine the chief Guardian and Satan’s love child, will as well.

To add to T’s problems, Zeke, the man with whom she’s been having cyber sex for six months, suddenly demands to see her in person or he’ll break off their relationship. Backed into a corner, T foolishy makes a bargain with Satan: give her her human form back (which she lost 200 years ago) and she’ll do anything he asks. When she can’t meet his initial demand, he forces her to give him the Goblet. Just when T thinks it can’t get any worse, she discovers that Zeke is a centuries old dragon hunter and that his old gang is calling in blood oath. He has to help them find and kill T or they’ll kill him. Oh and there seems to be somebody from T’s past who wants to find her and either make her a sex slave or kill her.

MLD is a nonstop, almost out of control, roller coaster ride. I would advise readers to pay attention to every detail because you use all them all to tie things together at the end. And my head is still spinning from trying to keep all the plot threads straight. I had problems with the slight deus ex machina aspects of “Date Me” and those problems reoccur here as well.
Once again we have a hero and heroine who have to decide whether or not they want to kill each other or tear each other’s clothes off for some red hawt sex. Satan’s self absorption and dialogue are screamingly funny as he attempts to woo the woman who makes his manly regions quiver while also getting his hands on the Goblet of Eternal Youth. There is so much going on in this book that it’s not one to put down for any length of time. Not that readers should really want to as it’s so funny and has such likable characters.

My grade is a solid B and count me in for the next installment where I hope Becca, Satan’s chief Rivka, gets her man.



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  1. I always feel as though I’m the only person in blogland who didn’t care for the first book. Everyone else cannot say enough good things about it and for me it was just…meh. I didn’t love it, didn’t hate it, didn’t strike any major chords in me. I thought it was pleasant but it didn’t leave me yearning for the sequel. What did I miss that made everyone else saw? Don’t you hate it when that happens?

  2. Having been in the same position with other books, I know how you feel Angie. I have several friends who adore Judith Ivory’s BLACK SILK. They love it love it love it. I hated it. I was bored stiff with it. Loathed the heroine and felt for the hero. I also will never understand what anyone sees in Garwood’s books.

  3. I wasn’t impressed by the first book, mostly because the humor didn’t work for me. It put me in mind of I Love Lucy — watching an episode is akin to nails on a chalkboard for me. Having said that, I’m still thinking about getting a copy of this book, because I want to see how Zeke deals with Theresa the dragon.

  4. my husband found a time capsule in the wall at Building 580, Langley Air Force Base. He is an electrician, doing some work there. He found a picture of a baby in the time capsule, Stephanie Amber Rowe, born April 7, 1988. Thought it would be cool to give the time capsule to this person. If this is you, will you please respond?

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