REVIEW: Death on D Street by Kathryn Kristine Rusch

Dear Ms. Rusch,

I wasn’t aware when I bought this that it is a short story. But I was an ebook novice then and thought I had just gotten a good deal on the price. I know authors have no control over price and compared to Quinn’s famous Second Epilogues this one is cheap but I thought people should know how many words they’re getting (7074).

Anyway, given the info blurb I wondered how well you’d be able to tell the story of a murder, investigation and ultimate revelation about the hero’s wife in that short a story. The answer: pretty darn well but then the main focus of the book isn’t really the investigation but what the hero learns about his wife and what he, the mayor of the wild west mining town, intends to do about truth and justice.

I enjoyed your writing style and liked that you didn’t get bogged down trying to include too much information yet managed to add enough little details to fully realize the place and characters for me. The ultimate revelation was totally unexpected and the outcome wouldn’t have worked in any other setting than a historical. Readers might be taken aback by parts of Death on D Street but I liked it and plan to look for more of your work. B



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