It’s New Release Tuesday

What are you buying?


0 comments on “It’s New Release Tuesday

  1. I bought Kresley Cole’s No Rest for the Wicked in eformat at SimonSays and am looking for Valley of Silence in ebook format. Come on, Penguin, where is it?

  2. I don’t think that Cole’s book is very scary. It’s fun though. Did you see the video review I did of it? As for scary but romantic, hmm . . . , do you mean scary – paranormal scary – or scary suspense scary?

    Paranormal Scary: Jennifer Armintrout (not terribly romantic though). Hmm. seems to be an absence of those type of books!
    Suspense Scary: Maybe Karen Rose?

  3. I just got back from my store and picked up She’s No Faerie Princess by Christine Warren — I really enjoyed her first one Wolf at the Door. Also picked up the new Kinley MacGregor and the new Tara Janzen.

    Although, I’m in the mood for paranormal AND scary . . . must be Halloween!

  4. Didn’t find Kresley Cole’s book although I looked. I did buy the new Karen Marie Moning, Valley of Silence, Knight of Darkness (Kinley MacGregor), Conspiracy Game (Christine Feehan) and The Rules of Seduction (Madeline Hunter). Would love to get my hands on Kresley Cole’s book but at least have a few books to keep me busy until I find it.

  5. Do you think the average reader knows that Tuesday is release day for books? Or is it just obsessive romance readers who know it?

    I’m going to pick up the next NR book and Anne Stuart’s Cold as Ice.

  6. Obssessive romance buyers. I picked up the ebook version of Cold as Ice today at Not sure why all these major publishers except Simon & Schuster want me to pay more to shop at their e commerce site.

  7. I don’t think most readers know that Tuesday is release day. But for ebooks, it’s even more confusing. Ellora’s Cave books are released on Wed. Samhain I believe is on Monday. My new book at Cobblestone Press came out last Friday. But Cobblestone released their last five Octoberfest books yesterday, which was Tuesday, but only because it was Halloween.

    But I didn’t know about the release date thing for a long time… and I wish publisher’s would play up when they release their books so that I’ll know when to go to the store or visit their website.

  8. I didn’t know until recently (although it doesn’t surprise me — Wednesday has long been comic book release day) — but I think it’s because I never really noticed that official release dates always fall on Tuesdays.

    Also, it might be the method of buying it — I know the date a book comes out, but often I see it before the official date in the supermarkets, sometimes in Walmart or Target, and sometimes it doesn’t show up until later in the week — so Tuesday has never stuck in my head as “the day to go get the new releases”.

  9. I didn’t specifically know that Tuesday was book release day, but I’m not surprised since I know that it’s also the day the movies and music are released.

  10. Huh, this is one of those things that I just assumed everyone knew…that Tuesdays was print release day. My kids know that Tuesday is book store day (most weeks). It’s weird the things we take for granted like that.

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