Janet Evanovich succumbs to the collaboration madness

Well, it’s not madness yet but with two big name authors doing collabs with men, how many others are jumping on the collaboration bandwagon? Via He Wrote, She Wrote

Janet Evanovich and Stephen J. Cannell’s new hardcover adventure series, in a major deal, in a two-book deal, to Jamie Raab at Warner, by Robert Gottlieb at Trident Media Group (NA).

Also from the blog post was the following:

Don’t Look Down sold better in hardcover than my last book, BET ME (which did damn well, thank you).

This makes me sad because I like the Jenny Crusie sans Bob Mayer so much better than the JC with BM. The more that they sell together, the more that they will write together. I have to believe collaborating is much easier than writing alone.

By Jane Litte

0 comments on “Janet Evanovich succumbs to the collaboration madness

  1. I enjoy the JC & BM blog posts, but I remain unconvinced by the book. I do think it is interesting that JE has jumped on the bandwagon though, but I don’t think I will be running out and buying the book by her and Stephen Cannell straight away, as I don’t really enjoy her collaboration with Charlotte Hughes. The other thing I find interesting is the hype around male and female writing together. It’s not normal, but it isn’t unique either!

  2. I thought there were a lot of problems with Don’t Look Down, many of which arose from the uncomfortable meshing of the author’s two generic backgrounds, but their blog posts are entertaining enough for me to give the next book a try.

    What really disturbs, me, actually, about the collaboration is the way it seems to have put Mayer at the center of the attention more than Crusie. I’m surprised that doesn’t bother Crusie, or maybe she doesn’t see it that way, or maybe she is so happy to be writing productively again after feeling burned out that she doesn’t care. But I do hope the Bob novelty wears off soon and that I feel Crusie’s presence more directly in their collaborative fiction. I felt she kind of got lost in the various jungles of DLD.

  3. I’m curious if the publisher just tossed the idea to Evanovich and Cannell or if they’ve met and have a history like Crusie/Mayer did from writers conferences. Isn’t it interesting in light of the conversation yesterday about publishers jumping on a trend bandwagon. Just because one collaboration has been commercially successful is no guarantee another one will be.

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