REVIEW: Eternally by Maureen Child

Dear Ms. Child:

EternallyI haven’t read you before but I like paranormals and thought that I would give Nocturne a try. Unfortunately, this story seemed a rehashing of every other paranormal story out there. I hope this isn’t a portend of things to come from Nocturne else it may have a short, Bombshell lived life.

Kieran McIntyre is an immortal guardian who fights demons. The particular demon who is haunting Hollywood is one that Kieran had captured but allowed to escape in the late 1800s. I never guessed that this demon, given the time period and explanations of strange violations of women, once was Jack the Ripper because that is not an overused and trite explanation for one of the greatest unsolved mysteries.

Shockingly, in a never before heard of twist, Kieran may have met his Destined Mate in reporter Julie Carpenter. Kieran can read the thoughts of his Destined Mate and having sex with His destined mate makes him stronger, strong enough to catch the demon. Of course, Kieran doesn’t explain this to Juliana because he can read her mind and knooooows she wants to mate with him.

Julie, the Destined Mate, is a reporter who doesn’t do any reporting in this case, but does spend alot of time hidden in Kieran’s home when she is not doing TSTL things like escaping. This book is set in Hollywood, but has nothing to do with the movie industry or with the setting. It has nothing to do with investigative reporting. It was nothing to do with Kieran’s position as a reclusive philanthropist. I don’t even know why you bothered with time, place, setting, occupations and the like since none of that mattered. The conflict is one that could have been meaningful. Julie and Kieran must come to terms with her mortality and his immortality. The problem is that the conflict was too little too late and wasn’t well balanced with the suspense plot which sometimes seemed to dominate the story and sometimes seemed an afterthought.

Of course, you set up the requisite sequel baits including an advisory Guardian from Spain and a house sitter cum bodyguard cum recently made Guardian former Navy SEAL. There seemed to be not one original idea in this book. It was hackneyed, done and redone. I was so bored that I could barely bring myself to turn the page and read the rest of the book. But wait, there was an original thread throughout the book. Kieran called Julie “woman” throughout the book. Woman, you want me. Woman, you drive me crazy. Woman, this book is a snoozer. D.

Best regards,



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  1. I got an ARC of this book and only read 75-100 pages before I gave up. It just didn’t have any depth and the destined mates thing, which sometimes works for me, just tee’d me off in this book. I was very disappointed. I have two other Nocturnes but now I’m afraid to read them, that I’ll be disappointed in those, as well.

  2. I bought three and have read two. The Korbel book was a different worldbuilding but crawled by at a snail’s pace. I’ve put the McKenna book aside. Maybe I am all paranormal’ed out.

  3. I kind of had high hopes for this line when it was first announced, but haven’t yet picked any up. I think I’ll pass on this one–LOL.

    The lines concept seems interesting and made me think of Marilyn Tracy’s old Silhouette Shadow, Something Beautiful.

    Is this the line that Linda Howard is under contract with?

  4. Jane, you are a harsh, cruel mistress. A woman after my own heart. And I can’t believe you read this thing all the way through. Bravo! I stopped at the first two chapters.

  5. Woman, this book is a snoozer


    I’d honestly not bother with the McKenna, Jane. But I really really can’t stand McKenna’s work, so…

    Also, I’m soooo happy that you’ve reversed the comments so we read from top to bottom now. 🙂

  6. DS – is that like a paranormal because it sounds like only magic could make the title happen.

    TM – yes, this is the Linda Howard line – I think her book is due out in March.

  7. Couldn’t bear to read it so I don’t think so– but there A Reader’s synopsis from Amazon:

    “Donna has gotten herself in trouble again. After a night of over indulgence – a pitcher of margaritas will do that to a girl – she finds herself in a strange man’s room. Well not just any strange man’s, he is her father’s first sergent! And guess what? Daddy and all the Marines staying at the hotel for the Batallion Ball find out before Donna can even make her less than graceful exit in the morning thanks to a few gossips. To avoid disgracing her father again, Donna decides to go along with first sergent Jack Harris’idea of a marriage of convenience. But will this plan work? This book is third in a series of three.”

  8. To avoid disgracing her father again, Donna decides to go along with first sergent Jack Harris’ idea of a marriage of convenience. But will this plan work

    Wait… how is it convenient for him? He gets a steady supply of poon? eww. That’s the stupidest idea ever. Don’t tell me, he’s always been in love with her, right?

  9. But she’s a virgin, right, so there is no steady supply of poon. Is it really spelled poon? I thought it was short for puntang? Must submit question to man friend.

  10. Yes but you can’t spell it “pun” for short because that’s, well, pun. So instead of no poon intended (from the virgin wife) you get no pun intended. Ha 😉

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