REVIEW: Various Short Stories by Jennifer Mueller

Dear Mrs. Mueller,

After I enjoyed your short story “Till Death Do Us Part,” I knew I had to try some more of your work. The problem still is that a lot of them are very highly priced. So when I noticed you have some freebies at your website, I was very happy. I love freebies!

All of these stories are short (range 21-32 kb) and all use different locations and eras from Roman Britain to Dark Ages Ireland, 17th century Bermuda to the Western prairie. I’m coming to expect strong women in your works and am delighted with these four. They look life in the face and stand up for themselves. All have faced various hardships and tragedies and managed to not only survive but to triumph. Only one of these might be considered a romance but all are filled with evocative descriptions and interesting characters. I do have to mention that I wish the editing was a little stronger.

A New Beginning – Western
Warrior – Roman Britain
Absolution – Dark Ages Ireland
Black Angel – 17th century Bermuda

These stories convinced me to lay out some hard cash for your books at various publishers (and wow, your books are spread out over hell and half of Georgia to different publishers) and I’m looking forward to them.