More bandwagonning

Apparently, everyone (Christina Dodd) wants (Barbara Samuel, Mary Jo Putney, Elizabeth Bevarly, and Karen Harbaugh) some (Linda Lael Miller) of that paranormal sales love. Let’s not just beat the dead horse. Let’s grind her up and scatter her ashes like salt around Carthage. (note: Karen Harbaugh was writing vamp stories long before it was the hot thing and my issue with Miller’s book isn’t so much that she’s writing paranormal, after all, she wrote time travels way back, but MOJO SHEEPSHANKS??? as the heroine’s name?????).

By Jane Litte

0 comments on “More bandwagonning

  1. I don’t think you can really count the four authors doing the anthology as ‘bandwagon’ so much as ‘launched the wagon a decade too early’–Faery Magic was originally released in 1998. And, yes, the same thing applies to Miller, who was writing vampire romances in the mid-’90s as well. (Mojo Sheepshanks, on the other hand, is still a really crappy character name.)

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