10 Things in Romance I’m Thankful For

CornucopiaHere’s a new meme for the readers. In honor of Thanksgiving, we at Dear Author are going to spend the next three Mondays sharing the top ten things that we are thankful for about romance. Until Thanksgiving, we are going to give reviews of our favorite books, give away books, and be grateful. Hope you’ll join us.

  1. I almost always get a happy ending
  2. Angst is something to get over not celebrate
  3. I can journey to different times and places
  4. That covers are getting better
  5. That publishing appears to be getting the idea that Regency England isn’t everything
  6. That romance readers love to talk about books they love and steer you towards great ones
  7. That there are so many great authors
  8. I’ve met so many fantastic friends
  9. It gives me something to fill up my bedroom, closets, attic, under the sofa, etc so dust bunnies won’t multiply and force me to vacuum
  10. That romance writers write so much that I usually have an abundance of books to choose from.

Thanks, Jayne

By Jane Litte

0 comments on “10 Things in Romance I’m Thankful For

  1. Nice list, and it reminds me to be grateful. Here are ten things I love about writing.
    1. I get to make things up.
    2. They pay me.
    3. Readers–the loyal, the picky, the demanding.
    4. Booksellers–the hardworking and essential bridge to the reader.
    5. Publishers–without them I could still make things up, but nobody would pay me, and I’d have no readers.
    6. Seeing my work for the first time in book form, each time, all shiny and new.
    7. Writers–the fun, the strange, the smart, the foolish.
    8. Making my living in my own home.
    9. Going anywhere I want to go–and never leaving the keyboard.
    10. The internet, for its information, communication and–come on–channel to gossip.

  2. 1. I’m thankful the galaxy is heavily populated; it’s great for kidnapping princesses, war games and the like
    2. I’m thankful there are many planets I can conquer
    3. I’m thankful for those platform boots that make me taller than everyone, even Darth Vader
    4. I’m thankful to whomever invented those cool superweapons
    5. I’m thankful that everyone in the galaxy can speak English
    6. I’m thankful to whomever created my star-shaped spaceship; it’s the coolest ever
    7. I’m thankful for an army of advisors to whom I never listen
    8. I’m thankful my silver-and-red outfit; it’s the coolest ever
    9. I’m thankful Jar Jar Binks doesn’t work for me
    10. I’m thankful I’m way better looking than Darth Vader, Captain Kirk and Captain Mal and others

  3. and who can resist escaping away for a little while with a biker, pilot, lawyer, vampire, fireman and many, many more hot heroes. lol

  4. Nice list, Jayne.

    [quote comment=”7433″]And let’s not forget the Internet’s role in access to 6) to 10) of Jayne’s list.[/quote]

    Oh, I agree! I’m thankful for the internet.

  5. Another internet thing I could add to the list is I’m thankful for online bookstores, both print and ebooks. I do have access to some great UBS in my area but sometimes that elusive OOP or HTF book just isn’t there locally. Now, I can generally find a copy and it’s just a matter of how much I’m willing to pay (plus s/h) for it. [G]

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