Blacks & Books

The New York Times reported that The Baltimore Times will join The New York Amsterdam News, The Philadelphia Tribune and several other newspapers in including a monthly insert called Blacks & Books that showcase African American authors. On the one hand it’s nice to see some unknown authors get some notice. On the other hand, why can’t AA books be included in general fiction reviews?

By Jane Litte

0 comments on “Blacks & Books

  1. I dunno dunno, dunno, but over ten years have amply showed me that’s the just way it is. We will continue to be be segregated in my lifetime with a few token exceptions and likely my daughter’s. Maybe my grandchildren will be regarded equally, who knows?

    I’m going to break my rear to get into that insert! Think on the fact that black people read so much and spend so much money on books! We’ve just had commercial fiction available to us (by us and featuring us) for over a decade now. Several generations ago, in some areas of this country we were KILLED for reading. Now we spend enough money on books to have our very own literary inserts in major papers. We have this booming literary community. Things are looking good and it’s mattering less whether others bother to read books written by us or not.

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