The Irony Deepens

Whilst the Non Chick Lit Authors are enjoying a wine, cheese and shopping event sponsored by Vogue and Dooney & Burke (not to mention the special shopping discount), the authors of This Is Chick Lit have been invited to be on a panel at the literary event known as The Small Press Book Fair in NYC on December 2. The Small Press Book Fair is considered to be “one of the most notable literary events of the year.” This just tickles my funny bone. If I am to judge by the place the authors are publicizing, I would guess the “This Is Chick Lit” won the literary prize.

By Jane Litte

0 comments on “The Irony Deepens

  1. Does this fair come with wine and cheese as well? Why are chick lit authors invited to one, which is considered to be a major literary event, yet not the other? Sometimes the fiction world drives me mad. Books containing violence and death are more than acceptable, but merely hint at romance and suddenly it’s “trashy” or somehow beneath notice.

    Romance authors spend the same amount of research, blood, sweat, and tears in creating their works that other authors do, yet time and again their genre is denigrated and made to seem less somehow. I will never understand how love and people finding it could ever be considered a bad thing.

  2. To be fair, and I’m beginning to suspect someday I’ll kill myself with all this fairness, the literary event in NYC is The Small Press Book Fair, emphasis on “Small Press,” which would explain why THIS IS CHICK-LIT, published by the small press of BenBella Books, was invited. That said, I know that after I accepted they issued an invitation to Elizabeth Merrick et al, despite their big-publishing backing, to join us on the panel, but as far as I know they’re not coming. Perhaps she’s scared?

  3. I’d appreciate it! I tried to leave a comment on their coverage but got back a message saying something like, “You’ve never commented here before so we need to wait first to see if you’re cool enough before adding what you have to say.”

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