10 things I’m thankful about writing

CornucopiaEveryone is doing it. Well, us, Nora Roberts and Keishon. Reprinted with permission from the comments section.

Nora Roberts yesterday:

Nice list, and it reminds me to be grateful. Here are ten things I love about writing.

  1. I get to make things up.
  2. They pay me.
  3. Readers&emdash;the loyal, the picky, the demanding.
  4. Booksellers&emdash;the hardworking and essential bridge to the reader.
  5. Publishers&emdash;without them I could still make things up, but nobody would pay me, and I'd have no readers.
  6. Seeing my work for the first time in book form, each time, all shiny and new.
  7. Writers&emdash;the fun, the strange, the smart, the foolish.
  8. Making my living in my own home.
  9. Going anywhere I want to go&emdash;and never leaving the keyboard.
  10. The internet, for its information, communication and&emdash;come on&emdash;channel to gossip.
By Jane Litte

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