Daily deals

Not interested:

Anna Pasternak’s DAISY DOOLEY DOES DIVORCE, the novelization of the author’s Daily Mail column, a humorous tale of post-divorce friendships and search for love by Daisy Dooley, who believes that ‘the only thing wose than being 39 and single is to be 39 and divorced,’ to Caryn Karmatz-Rudy at Five Spot, by Mal Peachey at Essential Works


Cara Lockwood’s SOUTHERN FRIED OMENS, about a women who is best known for her chicken-fried steak recipe until her husband is murdered by a demon and she discovers that she has a higher calling – to save the world from a pop culture anti-Christ – while meanwhile convincing the county’s sexy sheriff that she isn’t a murderer, again to Lauren McKenna at Pocket, in a good deal, by Deidre Knight of The Knight Agency
Could be really funny and could be ridiculous


Melody Knight’s IN TRYSTS, in which an uncompromising spy encounters a notorious felon, it doesn’t take him long to realize that he wants her, even though none of his reasons are legal, to Barbara Perfetti at Linden Bay Romance, in a nice deal (World). Her name sounds familiar

By Jane Litte

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