I’m a Borders Reward Member, Are You?

Borders announced that 12 million customers have signed up for the Borders Rewards program. This is a free program wherein you can get special coupons and savings just for handing over all your personal information to Borders. Plus, you get reward days and at the end of the year, you get to redeem 5% of your purchases from now until January. A little cash back incentive program that doesn’t require you to pay anything. I like that. And have given all of my personal information over to Borders in exchange. I’m easy and can be bought.

By Jane Litte

0 comments on “I’m a Borders Reward Member, Are You?

  1. Me too! I joined late summer and got an email today that I already have over $35 to spend between now and Jan 31st and can still add to it. Pretty cool for a few Christmas items or books for me.

  2. I did it, and I’m pretty pleased with my reward for the year, especially since I’m going to be buying a bunch of Christmas gifts there and will be earning more 🙂

    Random piece of information: the card Borders gives members isn’t uniform. I got mine in Hawaii while on vacation (needed a book to read on the flight back) and booksellers locally always comment that the color/pattern isn’t one they’ve seen before.

  3. Well Jane, what a great way to justify a trip to Hawaii, no? “But Ned, I just have to have that pretty card. I want it! I want it!”

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