Maria Snyder’s Fire Study Release Pushed Back

According to her newsletter, Fire Study will be released in trade (yeah) in March 2008 (boo).

The reason Fire Study has been pushed back is because Harlequin has moved my Study series from LUNA to MIRA. MIRA wants to re-issue Poison Study as a trade paperback in March 2007, and has even re-done the cover (see the new cover art in my “Books and Excerpts” section of my website).

MIRA has a bigger advertising budget to promote the books and hopefully gain more readers. Magic Study will be published as a trade paperback in September 2007 with new cover art. I must admit I like the new covers and am looking forward to being a part of MIRA. To tide you over until March 08, I’ll put up the first chapter of Fire Study in my Books & Excerpts section – the chapter and cover art should be up by Thanksgiving! And anyone wishing to complain about the delay to the publisher can email me for an address 🙂


0 comments on “Maria Snyder’s Fire Study Release Pushed Back

  1. I like the original cover too.

    But I am happy for SNyder in going to Mira. It means we’ll probably get more books from her as they go more places than Luna does.

  2. Hello Maria, I must say that I am saddened by this. I have read both Poison and Magic study and absolutely loved them both, and was looking forward to reading Fire Study but I suppose that will just have to wait 😦

  3. I have boought both Magic and Poison Study in hardback and was looking forward to getting a hardback copy of Fire Study. Was also looking forward to reading it this year.
    BTW – Libraries usually only buy hardback.
    I read both Luna and Mira and hope the change to Mira will mean we will see more books from you.

  4. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED both Poison Study and Magic Study!!! I read both in one weekend and simply couldn’t put the books down! Please write more in the series…they are amazing!!!

  5. I’m actually impressed with the new covers. The view of the woman from behind allows for one’s imagination to shape her features. And I cannot wait for the next book to be released! It’s been so long since I found a writer so imaginative and thought provoking.

  6. Dear Maria
    Just finished Magic Study. Was planning on waiting for it in paperback but got fed up and just bought the hard cover… finished the whole book tonight. VERY upset to hear we wont be seeing Fire Study for a while yet, but it seems all my favorite authors take forever between books – seems to be a sign of a good author. 🙂
    I had just one question. I collect signed books – do u have a site w/ book signings etc? Im in the nyc area and would love a chance to have you sign the book. I’ve read all the books so far in the series and have passed them on to my dad, another fantasy book fan.
    My favorite part of your books is you ability to make and keep a character true to them self. Valek especially Congratz on the success and im sure it will keep coming. Do you have any other series out?

    – Mel

  7. It’s going to kill me to have to wait longer!!!!!! I some how (possibly subliminally brainwashed by some sitian mages who are trying to keep this a secret ? ::raises one eyebrow::) have not read these books until just recently and literally did not put the first book down other than to meet basic life needs, read it in one day, went out and bought the sequel in hard back and just finished it about 15 minutes ago ( also in roughly 24 hours 🙂 …now i am almost completely disheartened to see i’ll have to wait almost a year to read the 3rd? I don’t know if i can take that kind of pain lol!!! ::SIGH:: The only thing that is keeping me going is wanting to find out what other interesting turns Yelena’s power will take. March 2008 can’t come soon enough for me!

    Keep up the GREAT!!! work Maria, you truly write a wonderful story

  8. Dear Maria,
    Your books were magnificent. I was awed by your use of the words to paint pictures of the events that were happening. I have shared your books with all of my friends, and they loved them almost more than me. (Note: almost)
    I’m bummed that I’ll have to wait even longer to finish reading the series. Then again, I understand the pressures of a demanding audience and the hope to get more people reading your books. I’m a budding author, and though only my friends have read my books so far, they have been asking for the next installments continually. I liked your books, because not only were they an excellent read, they got me thinking about ways to improve my own stories. So thanks for the advice!
    S.K. Haley
    P.S. Be looking for my books!

  9. OMG! I just finished magic study I read it in much less than a day. I was so into it I forgot to feed my kittens (poor babies). I love when I find a book that draws me in so completly that I forget the real world for just a little while. I might just write a strongly worded letter to that publisher. grrr… arg….

  10. I loved both books and finished both in a few days in between chasing a toddler, being 8 months pregnant and working part-time. I am so glad that there will be a third in the series. I can’t wait until March. Maybe in the meantime you could start #4???

  11. i love your books!!! i hope that you can keep this series up!!!! when i was reading your books i actually got grounded from them because i wouldn’t clean the house or anything!! when i got them back it only took 2 hours to finish magic study from page 32!!!
    please….don’t stop this series!!

  12. DESPAIR!
    I’m so excited for Fire Study, I got several of my friends hooked on Poison Study and Magic Study. We used Poison Study as one of our book-club books. Everyone loved it!

  13. I love the series and I didn’t mind the delay, it gave me time to reread and refresh the book in my mind. What I am upset about is that the book will not be sold in hardback. I reread my books several times, and with hardbacks that kind of wear and tear isn’t an issue. But with paper…well they fall apart and I end up having to go buy another copy. Will the publishing company be releasing a hardback in the future??

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