Commenters Behaving . . . Ignorantly?

Apparently one commenter has gone completely nutso over the whole Miss Snark disses romance author shindig. Karen S has been paying attention and pulled out the comment by WitLit Today, whose own blog, while having cute pictures of dogs, is one I don’t understand at all. Apparently by disagreeing with Miss Snark, all commenters and blog rollers are in danger of something. Being recognized, I guess. Or something else nefarious. It’s fairly vague.

For the commenters, aka ex-snarklings, who just dissed Miss Snark…It’s not a good idea to burn a bridge this publicly, ‘cos if I recognize you, so will others.

Please feel free to insert your own consequence here. I.e., “for the commenters who just dissed Miss Snark . . .” My imagination has finished the sentence as follows:

  • you are in danger of getting your keyboard taken away as the snarklings work their way through the PsyNet and try to drive you insane!
  • a snarlking will recognize your online name and follow you around, attempting to divide you from your werewolf lover.
  • you will fall into a dark hole at the bottom of which you are met by a deranged rabbit
By Jane Litte

0 comments on “Commenters Behaving . . . Ignorantly?

  1. ROTFL! Oh, you are feeling your oats today, aren’t you? ;p

    I saw that comment and almost emailed you about it, then changed my mind. No, wait, it wasn’t that one that I almost emailed about. It was the one that lumped Dear Author (& commenters here) in with Ms. Snack in dumping on Stuart. I couldn’t figure out when you or we had done that. Did you? Er, we? I even went back and checked the related threads and all I saw were discussions of the situation with both pros and cons. Ultimately, though, I decided I was just tired of the whole thing to worry about it either way. (Okay, yeah, that was “after” checking the threads again but I excuse that on the basis that I wanted to be sure I did remember things correctly. Ahem. :D)

    But, really, I’m just not sure why the entire thing is of interest to anyone but authors, at least on a certain level. I’d rather talk about the books. Except I’ve been in such a grumpy reading mood lately that I haven’t even posted on my blog lately. Er, maybe I should post about that? Hehehe.

  2. Bev, I saw that comment to which you refer. The one in which we piled on Ms. Stuart and caused a writing decline. I just figured that the commenter hadn’tread the blog so I just let it pass. It does appear to be a big writer kerfluffle.

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